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Honors Majors

There are two ways to continue Honors beyond the first two years: Honors in the Liberal Arts or an Honors major. All departments and interdisciplinary programs in the College of LS&A offer an Honors major. The specific requirements for the Honors major vary from department to department; however, all but three culminate in the writing of a senior Honors thesis (Honors in Math, Statistics and Computer Science is typically based on a combination of course work and GPA).

Students generally declare an Honors major during their third year, although some departments allow students to join the Honors major earlier or later. You will remain in good standing in the Honors Program as long as you declare an Honors major before the end of your third year. You should meet with an Honors major advisor to ask any questions and to declare your concentration. The requirements for admission into an Honors major vary by department. Some Honors majors have quite formal admission procedures, and the deadlines for these vary, so you should contact an Honors major advisor or check the departmental website for information about the application/declaration process.

For information regarding specific Honors majors, see either the department's website or the relevant pages in the LSA Bulletin.

Also, you may wish to view the topics of some recent Honors theses, to gain a sense of what kind of work Honors upperclassmen produce.

Congratulations on your admission to an Honors major! 

If you are already a student in the LSA Honors Program, Honors will remain your academic home, the place to go for general advising.  You will continue to come to the Honors office for academic advising, for any Academic Board requests for exceptions or other actions, and your senior audit and graduation processing will be done through the Honors office.  You will, of course, continue to have access to registration for Honors classes and you are welcome at all of the Honors events.  You will remain on our email lists, and we hope we’ll see you often for advising and events.

If you have not previously been in Honors, welcome! When you declare an Honors major, you become a member of the LSA Honors Program.  This means that you should find an Honors Academic Advisor with whom you can discuss your general college requirements and other concerns.  (There is a list of Honors advisors at and you can make an appointment by calling 764-6274 or by clicking “Make an Appointment” on our website: )  If you have an established relationship with an advisor in LSA Advising, you certainly may continue to talk with him/her if that is agreeable to both of you, but you should also get to know an advisor in Honors who can become familiar with your record and your plans.  You should discuss the requirements for your major with the Honors Major Advisor in your department.  If you need to request any exceptions to college graduation requirements or any kind of special consideration, you will now petition the Honors Academic Board rather than the LSA Academic Standards Board.  The Honors Academic Board meets almost every Monday morning, so petitions submitted by noon on Thursday will usually be addressed by mid-day the following Monday. 

Your senior audit will be done by the Honors Senior Auditor, Jacquelyn Turkovich ( ): send any questions you have about graduation to her email.  All students graduating with Honors are invited to the Honors graduation ceremony and are eligible for prizes and awards for their work: watch your email for details or make an appointment to discuss these opportunities. You will additional information at this link.

All Honors students have registration access to Honors classes, so you won’t need overrides to register for most of them.  Honors hosts many activities and events: we encourage you to join in.  You will also receive our weekly e-newsletter, “This Week in Honors.” Let us know if you don’t start getting it soon. 

If you have any questions, you can an email We look forward to getting to know you better!