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Honors Academic Board & Petitions

Students may request a requirement substitution or policy exception by submitting a petition. The forms on this site should be used by LSA Honors Program students only. Residential College students petition the RC Board on Academic Standing. All other LSA students petition the LSA Academic Standards Board.

Substitutions for General LSA Requirements
Bachelor of Science
Distribution (HU, NS, SS, MSA, CE, ID)
First Year Writing Requirement
Upper Level Writing Requirement 
Quantitative Reasoning 
Race & Ethnicity
Language Substitutions

Exceptions for Major or Minor Requirements
Only departmental advisors can approve substitutions or exceptions for the major or minor. Please contact the department to find out about their policies and procedures.

Academic Policy Exceptions
Drop/Add Guidelines
Modification of Credit Hours
Late Modification of Credit Hours (after late drop/add deadline only)
Request for Term Withdrawal 
Incompletes and Time Extensions
Auditing a Course 


Exceptions to Winter 2020 Semester Grade Uncovering Deadline

Beginning Thursday, July 2, 2020, students will not be able to request grade conversions through Wolverine Access. However, there may be legitimate academic reasons that students may need to request conversions after the deadline:

  • Late grades: Letter grades entered after 7/1/20, which include Study Abroad grades received after July 1 as well as I and Y grades changed to a letter grade after July 1. You must make this request within two months after your Late Grades or Study Abroad course grades appear on your transcript.
  • Honors consideration: While students are encouraged to convert grades before the deadline, there could be cases where a student is unaware that consideration for University Honors, Angell Scholar, or school/college awards may require a certain number of graded courses.
  • Degree requirements: Students intending to graduate may need a grade in a course to meet certain degree requirements.
  • Administrative error: Used only when an advisor or department incorrectly advised a student whether or not to convert their grade.

Please note: you will not be able to reverse your decision to uncover your grades once you have submitted your request.

***This form is for Honors Program students only. Residential College students should contact Charlie Murphy ( and mainstream LSA students should use the form at this website.***

Honors Request for an Exception to the W20 Grade Conversion Deadline


Petitions for Items NOT Listed Above
For all other requests, students should use the general HAB Petition [PDF], addressed to the Honors Academic Board. The petition should state the specific request and set forth all the reasons why the request is necessary, justified, or helpful to the student's academic program. Submit your petition to the Honors Office via email to

Other HAB Information, Policies and FAQ

The policies and procedures described in the LSA Academic Policies portion of the LSA website govern the conduct of academic matters affecting students enrolled in the College. Exceptions to these policies may be granted only upon written petition to an Academic Board. Honors students petition the Honors Academic Board (HAB); Residential College students petition the RC Board on Academic Standing (BOAS); mainstream LSA students petition the Academic Standards Board (ASB).

You are responsible for knowing the academic rules, requirements, and deadlines of the College. If you are uncertain about whether a petition is appropriate for your situation, make an appointment with a board member and we’ll help you identify options and next steps.

In the case of a grade complaint, also known as a Grade Grievance, a petition is replaced by following the Grade Grievance procedure established by the College of LSA. Only grade grievances that pertain to Honors courses (course prefix must be Honors, e.g., Honors 241) will be handled by the Honors Program’s Grade Grievance Committee. Grade grievances pertaining to other departments’ courses, including Honors sections of those courses, must be handled by the department offering the course. Your Honors academic advisor can discuss with you the grade grievance procedure should you have any questions or concerns.

What is a petition?

A petition is a written or digitally documented request to an Academic Standards Board of the College for an exception to a College policy or requirement.

What should be included in a petition?

Many petitions are now submitted through online forms, which include instructions on what to include based on the type of request. In general, however, a petition should state the specific request and set forth all the reasons why the request is necessary, justified, or helpful to the student’s academic program. Often the petition should include a confirming statement, and perhaps a recommendation, from a course instructor, employer, health-care provider, or other relevant person. In almost all requests, relevant chronology is important and students should try to provide dates as specifically as possible. 

The student should do the following when completing the petition:

  • State the nature of the request;
  • Explain why the change is wanted, what happened, and when;
  • Explain the role of relevant parties (for example, a misunderstanding between the instructor and the student; incomplete or wrong information given by a University office);
  • Follow all instructions on forms completely;
  • Type or write legibly, when necessary, using ink or dark pencil; 
  • Use a style suitable for a formal petition within a collegiate setting: proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The audience for your petition consists of academic advisors appointed to the Academic Board.

The Honors Academic Board may defer petitions that do not fully meet the above criteria. If you have questions about completing a petition, please contact an advisor.

When does the HAB meet and when will I know the result?

Barring holidays or unforeseen circumstances, the Board meets once per week, typically on Monday mornings. Completed petitions, including all supporting materials, that are submitted by noon (12pm) on Thursday will be discussed at the following Monday meeting.

Students who submit petitions to the Honors Academic Board can expect to hear a response shortly after the HAB meeting in which the petition was reviewed; a member of the HAB will email the student directly with the Board’s decision or to request any further information or documentation needed for a decision. Process and deadline questions can be directed to

How is the decision made?

A panel of Honors Academic Board members reads the petition, looks at the advising file and your academic history, and makes a vote in light of all similar petitions already decided.

Can I come in to meet with the whole HAB about my petition?

No, but you may meet with an individual member of the Board to discuss a petition. You may schedule an appointment with any HAB member.

Can my parents speak to an HAB member about my petition?

The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from discussing your student record, including any petitions you may file, with your parents or other non-authorized persons without written permission from you. If you wish to give that permission, you may fill out a FERPA Release form.

Is there a limit to the number of petitions a student may file?

No, there is no limit to the number of petitions a student may submit, but each request should be carefully considered.