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Accelerated Masters Alumni

Meet our students who have already completed the Accelerated Masters Degree Program.

Qian Hou

I am a first year graduate student at the Tri-Institutional (Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial  Sloan Kettering Qian HouCancer Center, and Rockefeller University) PhD Program in Chemical Biology.

The Accelerated Degree Program has helped me identify my academic interest and promoted further intellectual maturity. I feel very lucky for finding a passion in chemical biology, and a pursuit of applying chemical tools in solving biological problems.

--Posted May, 2017

Brandon Yik

Currently doing/future: Brandon is enrolled in the chemistry PhD program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There, he is working with Prof. Henry La Pierre to establish f-element photochemistry by developing f-element photosensitizers.

Advice: Take advantage of all the wonderful seminars that the department offers as an opportunity learn about the incredible science that is happening around the world. Enroll in courses that you find curious and integrate that into your research. Spend the time learning about science and immerse yourself in it.

Influence: I used the ADP program as a means to finish up my undergraduate research project. I also took advantage of being able to design my own curriculum, allowing me to explore different areas of chemistry different from my research and exposed me to what I now find fascinating. This naturally transitioned to enrolling in a PhD program.

--Posted February, 2017