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Accelerated Masters Alumni

Meet our students who have already completed the Accelerated Masters Degree Program.

Brian Carlson

The Accelerated Degree Program allowed me to finish my research, expand my skillset, and try my hand at teaching for the first time. The extra time in the classroom and in lab provided an amazing opportunity to grow as a scientist.  I'd highly recommend the program to any undergraduate interested in a continued career in chemistry research.

After graduation [Spring 2018] , I'll be moving to Louisville, Kentucky to work for a pharmacogenomics company as a clinical research scientist.  

Trever Bostelaar

I am continuing my graduate studies by pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I will be working on inorganic synthesis.

I believe that this program had a considerable influence on my admission to MIT's PhD program. I had received a GSI position teaching general chemistry lab during my first semester as an ADP student that, along with a personalized graduate curriculum, was excellent training for my future plans. 

Jonathan Kuriakose

The MS in Chemistry has allowed me to gain a stronger understanding of the chemical underpinnings in biological systems. The various seminars, classes, and events occurring through the Chemistry Department allowed me to expand my interests and delve deep into the science. This experience has bridged my interests in chemistry and medicine, which will guide my future research endeavors.

I will be researching surgical outcomes through the Institute of Health Policy and Innovation, and teaching in Detroit through City Year (Americorp), while applying to medical schools. 

Melissa Lin

My advice to current/prospective students is to take advantage of the ability to choose your own classes, as it allows flexibility in exploring different topics. During one semester, I took a polymer class, a spectroscopy class, and a tissue engineering class. I was pleased to discover all the classes overlapped with my research to some degree and that I could view one problem from different perspectives. Besides the fundamental knowledge gained from the curriculum that I created, I also gained critical thinking and problem solving skills at the graduate level that I can now apply in my transition to industry.

After graduation [Spring, 2018], I will work in R&D for a consumer goods company.

Qian Hou

I am a first year graduate student at the Tri-Institutional (Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial  Sloan Kettering Qian HouCancer Center, and Rockefeller University) PhD Program in Chemical Biology.

The Accelerated Degree Program has helped me identify my academic interest and promoted further intellectual maturity. I feel very lucky for finding a passion in chemical biology, and a pursuit of applying chemical tools in solving biological problems.

--Posted May, 2017

Brandon Yik

Currently doing/future: Brandon is enrolled in the chemistry PhD program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There, he is working with Prof. Henry La Pierre to establish f-element photochemistry by developing f-element photosensitizers.

Advice: Take advantage of all the wonderful seminars that the department offers as an opportunity learn about the incredible science that is happening around the world. Enroll in courses that you find curious and integrate that into your research. Spend the time learning about science and immerse yourself in it.

Influence: I used the ADP program as a means to finish up my undergraduate research project. I also took advantage of being able to design my own curriculum, allowing me to explore different areas of chemistry different from my research and exposed me to what I now find fascinating. This naturally transitioned to enrolling in a PhD program.

--Posted February, 2017

Wuliang Zhang

I’m currently a Ph.D. student in Chemistry at Northwestern University so my short-term goal will be to get a Ph.D. degree; after that I will most likely work in industry.

Things I wanna share with prospective or current students: 

Undergraduate is a great time trying to figure out if you have passion for chemistry and what kind of research you are interested in.

For those of you who are determined to go to graduate school, start working in research labs as early as possible and if you don’t like the research you are doing, don’t hesitate to switch labs! It will be great if you can find the research field you really like through undergraduate or ADP.

I take my year in ADP as an important transition from undergraduate to Ph.D. life. During that year, I found that I like spending hours in lab, and thankfully I liked my research field. It makes my research lab selection easy when I started my Ph.D. program.

--February, 2017