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Graduate Student Profiles

What are our current graduate students working on, and what do they most value about their experience at Michigan Astronomy? We've asked some students to share their stories. For a complete list of our graduate students and a description of their research, please see our Graduate Student page in the People section.

Tyler Gardner

Advisor: John Monnier

Tyler’s research focuses on using interferometry data to search for exoplanets in binary systems.

Kate Napier

Black holes and active galactic nuclei
Advisor: Elena Gallo

Kate's interests in astrophysics are primarily focused on high energy areas like black holes and active galactic nuclei, but there are a lot of things that interest her.

Vivienne Baldassare

Supermassive black holes in dwarf galaxies
Advisor: Elena Gallo

Vivienne is studying supermassive black holes at the centers of dwarf galaxies. She uses data from the Magellan telescopes to search for signatures of black holes consuming material at a vigorous rate . 

Traci Johnson

Strong Lensing in galaxy clusters
Advisor: Keren Sharon

Traci models strong gravitational lensing in galaxy clusters, the most massive structures in the universe and natural telescopes to the distant universe.

Erin May

Small gas planets
Advisor: Emily Rauscher

As part of her research, Erin has used the Magellan telescopes to study the composition of the atmospheres of small gas planets.

Juliette Becker

Exoplanet Dynamics
Advisor: Fred Adams

Juliette and colleagues recently discovered a hot Jupiter system with two close-in planetary companions using data from the Kepler space telescope.

Bryan Terrazas

Galaxy Evolution
Advisor: Eric Bell

Bryan is studying the evolution of galaxies with stellar masses similar to that of the Milky Way by comparing and analyzing computational simulations and observations.