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Yingtian (Bill) Chen



Bill grew up in Chengdu, a lovely city known for its cloudy skies. However, this did not diminish his fascination with the stars. He initially dreamed of becoming an explorer travelling undiscovered galaxies, but soon realized the difficulties of interstellar travel. This led him to pursue a career in astronomy. Bill started his journey at Peking University in 2016 and is currently pursuing his graduate studies in astronomy at the University of Michigan.

Research Interests

Bill's research interests revolve around the formation and evolution of star clusters in a cosmological context. Working with Professor Oleg Gnedin, he utilizes post-processing models on cosmological simulations to study the globular cluster systems in galaxies. His primary interest lies in using globular clusters as tracers to uncover the assembly histories of galaxies. This area of study, known as "galactic archaeology," has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of galaxy formation. Bill is also interested in applying computational techniques to astronomy, recognizing the potential of big data to transform the field.

Advice for Future and Prospective Students

Bill's advice for future and prospective students is to remain open to everything: new experiences, people, ideas, and technologies.