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"When you can guarantee observations in a complementary wavelength, it gives you leverage with international facilities like Alma, Hubble, and Chandra. We’re one of the few institutions that can do that.”

— Prof Jon Miller

Access Across the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Michigan Astronomy has invested heavily in partnerships with leading telescopes around the globe to provide its members privileged or special observing access across the electromagnetic spectrum.

“Privileged access” means that U-M not only has substantial guaranteed time on these telescopes, but that its PhD students have priority over faculty, postdocs, and research scientists in observing for their thesis. “Special access” means that specific faculty and their students receive observing access because they are actively involved in building instruments for the facility.

Privileged Access Facilities

  • Magellan: Optical, Southern Sky
  • MDM: Optical and Infrared, Northern Sky
  • NOEMA: Millimeter Radio

Special Access

  • CHARA: Optical/Infrared Interferometry
  • ESO ELT: Instrumentation Program

Training and Special-Use Telescopes

U-M also owns or is a partner in several smaller telescopes, which are used for specialty observing programs, student training, and/or public outreach.


  • Swift: Gamma Ray, X-ray, Ultraviolet, Optical