Thesis: Effects of GnRH Agonist Treatment on Transgender Adolescent Bone Health and Maturation studied via a Mouse Model

Summary: My thesis looked at a type of drug colloquially termed a "puberty blocker," which is frequently used by transgender adolescents to delay the onset of puberty and lessen feelings of gender dysphoria and make potential future surgeries less invasive. This drug is frequently used in adults with reproductive disorders as well, wherein it is known to cause detrimental losses to bone, but it has not been studied for similar effects in adolescents. Because transgender healthcare is such an important and underrepresented field of medicine, I wanted to try to add to this growing area of research, by conducting a pilot study using a frequently used model organism, the laboratory mouse.

Future Plans: I am currently working for a clinical research project called the MIPACT study for Michigan Medicine during my gap years. My plans thereafter are not yet finalized, but I hope to either apply to medical school or graduate school and hope to continue being involved in anthropology and research regardless of which path I choose.