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Recent Graduates and Placement

We celebrate the achievements of our graduates. The career opportunities they have found after completing our PhD program are endless. Listed below are the last ten years of graduate placements.  Although only recent graduates are listed at this time, we maintain information about all of our graduates. Please send updates about our alumni at


Vincent Battista
Genetic and Morphological Evidence for Local Climate Adaptation in the Americas
Massachusetts General Hospital

Andrew Foster
City Shoe, Country Sandal: Somatic Geographies and Kinesthetic Translations Among High-Altitude Quechua Athletes in the Peruvian Andes

Amelia Frank-Vitale
Hondurans Navigate Life after being deported back to neighborhoods labeled as some of the world’s most violence
Princeton University, Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer in Latin American Studies

Huatse Gyal
The Remaking of Home, Community, and Self: Rangeland Fencing, Resettlement, and the Resilience of Tibetan Pastoralists

Benjamin Hollenbach
All Are Welcome: Inclusion and Mainline Protestantism in the United States

Ozge Korkmaz
Politics, Ethics, and Complicity in Turkey's Kurdistan: Anxieties of an Era

Aaron Michka
University of Notre Dame, Assistant Professor

Jo Osborn
Jahuay: Maritime Specialization in a Littoral Topara Community (200 BC-AD 150)

Kyra Regina Pazan
The Last Glacial Maximum and Acceleration of Technological Change in the Lesotho Highlands
California State University, Assistant Professor

Adolmary Pena
Remapping Afro-Caribbean Landscapes: Embodiment and the Sensory Aesthetics of Dominican Tourism Space

Sam Shuman
Fordham University, Rabin-Shvidler Joint Post-Doctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies

Niku T'arhechu T'arhesi
Endangered Words and Invulnerable Worlds: Spatial Language and Social Relations in Cheran, Michoacan, Mexico
University of Rhode Island, Distinguished Multicultural Postdoctoral Fellow

Cheryl Yin
Khmer Honorifics: Re-emergence and Change After the Khmer Rouge
University of California - Berkeley, UC Berkeley Chancellors Postdoctoral Fellow

Yuchao Zhao
Taming the Plateau: From Hunting to Herding in the Fourth Millennium BP at Meilong Cave, Western Tibet


Anna Antoniou (Archaeological)

Collaborating for First Foods: Archaeological Investigations of Chinookan and Lower Chehalis Foodways in Willapa Bay, Washington

Andrew W. Mellon Native American Scholars Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at the American Philosophical Society

Vincent Battista (Biological)

Senior Data Analyst/Bioinformatician, Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital

Nicholas Lawrence Caverly
University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Assistant Professor

Jordan Dalton
American Museum of Natural History, Kalbfleisch Postdoctoral Fellow, Richard Gilder Graduate

Adrian Deoanca
University of Bucharest, Faculty Member, Department of Sociology and Social Work

Briana Doering
University of Wyoming, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Obed Garcia
Stanford University School of Medicine,  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Data Sciences

Jessica Caraway Lowen
US Department of Defense, Researcher with the Equal Opportunity Management Institute

Sandhya Krittika Narayanan
University of Nevada, Reno, Assistant Professor

Rachna Beeravolu Reddy
Harvard University,  Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology

Sonia Rupcic
Brown University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Andrew Foster (Linguistic)

City Shoe, Country Sandal: Somatic Geographies and Kinesthetic Translations Among High-Altitude Quechua Athletes in the Peruvian Andes

Amelia Frank-Vitale (Sociocultral)

Leave if You're Able: Migration, Survival, and the Everydayness of Deportation in Honduras

Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer with the Program in Latin American Studies at Princeton University. 

V (Victoria) Koski-Karell (Sociocultral and MSTP)

PhD, Medical Student, University of Michigan Medical School, Medical Scientist Training Program, Class of 2023

Kyra Pazan (Archaeology) 

The Last Glacial Maximum and Acceleration of Technological Change in the Lesotho Highlands

Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology, California State University - Stanislaus

Sam Shuman (Sociocultral)

Rabin-Shvidler Post-doctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies at Columbia & Fordham Universities

Cheryl Yin (Linguistic) 

UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow

Nishita Trisal 

Academy Scholar, The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies


Jamie Andreson (Anthropology and History)

Mothers in the Family of Saints: Gender and Race in the Making of Afro-Brazilian Heritage

Postdoctoral Scholar with the Africana Research Center at Pennsylvania State University.

Abagail Breidenstein (Biological)

Postdoctoral Research, University of Zurich

Nicholas Caverly (Sociocultural)

Restructured City: Demolition and Racial Accumulations in Detroit

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts

Jordan Dalton (Archaeological)

Excavations at Las Huacas (AD 1200-1650): Exploring Elite Strategies and Economic Exchange During the Inca Empire

Kalbfleisch Postdoctoral Fellow, Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History

Adrian Deoanca (Sociocultural)

End of the Line: State Infrastructure, Material Ruin, and Precarious Labor along Romanian Railroads

Faculty Member, University of Bucharest, Department of Sociology and Social Work

Bree Doering (Archaeological)

Evaluating the Social and Environmental Process of the Dene/Athabascan Migration from the Subarctic

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Wyoming

Obed Garcia (Biological)

Postdoctoral Scholar in the Bustamante Lab, Department of Biomedical Data Sciences at Stanford University

Jessica Lowen (Linguistic)

Rescue and Revival in Detroit Anti-Sex Trafficking Ministry: How sex industry outreach and the fight against human trafficking is reviving American evangelicals

Aaron Michka (Sociocultural) 

House, Church, Cave: Coptic Landscapes and the Demands of Pluralism in Upper Egypt

Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Sandhya Narayanan (Linguistic)

Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Washington and Lee University.

Nana Quarshie (Anthropology and History)

Assistant Professor, Yale University

Rachna Reddy (Biological)

The Development of Male Chimpanzee Reproductive Tactics

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Amanda Respess (Anthropology and History)

The Abode of Water: Shipwreck Evidence and the Maritime Circulation of Medicine Between Iran and China in the 9th Through 14th Centuries

Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

Sonia Rupcic (Sociocultural)

Righting Sexual Wrongs? Personhood, Intent, and Sex in a former South African Homeland

Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University

Heather Tidrick (Social Work and Anthropology)

Roma Integration and Institutional Practices with Roma/Gypsies in Postsocialist Hungary

Social Worker IV-C, County of Mendocino

Nishita Trisal (Sociocultural)

Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California - Irvine


Irisa Arney (Biological)

East African Miocene Catarrhine Evolutionary Ecology

Research Assistant at the University of Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine

Allison Caine (Sociocultural)

Restless Ecologies in the Andean Highlands: Climate Change and Pastoralism in Peru

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Wyoming

Lacey Carpenter (Archaeological)

Households and Political Transformation: Daily Life During State Formation at Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Hamilton College

Ainash Childebayeva (Biological)

Department of Archaeogenetics, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History  

John Doering-White (Social Work and Anthropology)

In the Shadow of the Beast: Violence and Dignity along the Central American Migrant Trail

Kevin Donovan (Anthropology and History)

Sovereign Scales: Frontiers of Value in East Africa

Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale School of Management

Georgia Ennis (Linguistic)

Remediating Endangerment: Radio and the Animation of Memory in the Western Amazon

Visiting Junior Fellow, Center for Humanities and Information, Pennsylvania State University

Chelsea Fisher (Archaeological)

Maya Farming Communities and the Long View of Sustainability at Tzacauil

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Program, Washington and Lee University

Andrew Haxby (Sociocultural)

A House Divided: Land, Kinship, and Bureaucracy in Post-Earthquake Kathmandu

Visitng Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Pitzer College

Matan Kaminer (Sociocultural)

By the Sweat of Other Brows: Thai Migrant Labor and the Transformation of Israeli Settler Agriculture

Postdoctoral Fellow, Sociology Department, University of Haifa

Nama Khalil (Sociocultural)

Making a Difference: Youth, Business, and Re-Envisioning Media Practice in Egypt

Adjunct Faculty, Columbus College of Art and Design (starting January 2020)

Gurveen Kaur Khurana (Anthropology and History)

Gaining Authority and Legitimacy: Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee and the Golden Temple c. 1920-2000

Global Head of Flexible Working (COE), Standard Chartered Bank

Jin Li (Sociocultural)

Reassembling Religion: Sino-Tibetan Encounters in Serta

Anna MacCourt (Anthropology and History)

Lord of the Universe Among Equals: The Challenges of Kingship in Early Historic/Early Medieval Gujarat

Maire Malone (Biological)

Histological, Trace Element, and Stable Isotopic Reconstruction of Dental Development, Diet and Weaning in Ugandan Chimpanzees: Implications for Studies of Hominin Life History

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Prash Naidu (Sociocultural)

Sea-Change: Mambai Sensory Practices and Hydrocarbon Exploitation in Timor-Leste

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of International Studies and Environmental Social Sciences at the Department of Historical & Political Studies at Arcadia University.

Cyrus O'Brien (Anthropology and History)

Redeeming Imprisonment: Religion and the Development of Mass Incarceration in Florida

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Religion and Politics, Washington University, St. Louis

Christina Sampson (Archaeological)

Safety Harbor at the Weeden Island Site: Late Pre-Columbian Craft, Community, and Complexity on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Associate Faculty, Anthropology Program, Everertt Community College

Aleksandr Sklyar (Sociocultral)

Living in Post-Fukushima Grey Zones: Family Decisions in the Wake of Nuclear DisasterVisiting Assistant Professor, Colgate University 

Leigh Stuckey (Sociocultural)

Guests in the Homeland: Transnational Heritage Tourism in Greece and Turkey

Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Nikolas Sweet (Linguistic)

The Poetics of Relationality: Mobility, Naming, and Sociability in Southeastern Senegal

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Wyoming

Warren Thompson (Sociocultural) 

The Orphaned Past: Ache Autonomy and Relationality in Times of Change

Jennifer Tucker (Social Work and Anthropology)

In the Time of Mangos, Motorcycles, and Improvised Medicine: Aging with Displacement during the Post-Chavez Venezuelan Crisis.


Hoda Bandeh-Ahmadi (Sociocultural)

Anthropological Generations: A Post-Independence Ethnography of Academic Anthropology and Sociology in India

Research Specialist, Center for Surgical Training and Research, University of Michigan

Brady G'Sell (Anthropology and History)

Making Motherhood Work: Women’s Child Support Claims, Race, and the Remaking of Citizenship in South Africa, 1958-2015

Assistant Professor, Departments of Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies and Anthropology, University of Iowa

Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson (Biological)

Social and Ecological Challenges in Female Geladas: A Test of the Vocal Grooming Hypothesis

Assistant Professor, College of Natural Science and the Department of Integrative Biology, Michigan State University

Ujin Kim (Linguistic)

Ethical Management of Speech among Kazak Nomads in the Chinese Altai

Postdoc in Eurasian Studies at Nazarbayev University in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Bruno Emanuel Renero-Hannan (Anthropology and History)

In the Wake of Insurgency: Testimony and the Politics of Memory and Silence in Oaxaca

Christine Sargent (Socialcultural)

Ambivalent Inheritance: Down Syndrome and Kinship Futures in Jordan

Assistant Professor, Cultural/Medical Anthropology, University of Colorado

Laura Yakas (Social Work and Anthropology)

Love in a Time of Madness: The Importance of Purpose and Belonging in Healing and Harnessing Madness

Lecturer, School of Social Work, University of Michigan

Charles Zuckerman (Linguistic)

Good Gambling: Meaning and Moral Economy in Late-Socialst Laos

Visiting Researcher, Georgetown University


Meghanne Barker (Linguistic)

Framing the Fantastic: Animating Childhood in Contemporary Kazakhstan

LSE Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science

Smadar Brack (Sociocultural)

Missionaries to the City of God: Christian Citizenship and African Immigrants in Rome, Italy

Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Harry S. Truman Research Institute, for the Advancement of Peace

Courtney Cottrell

Competing Discourses, Developing Partnerships: Navigating Differences Between Ethnographic Museums and Tribal Museums

Postdoctoral Fellow, American Indian Studies Program, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Achirri Ismael (Sociocultural)

Host Plants, Butterflies & Neoliberal Spaces: Environmental Subjectivities & the Challenges of Conservation Ecotourism in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Lecturer, Department of African American Studies, University of Michigan

Deborah Jones (Linguistic)

Afterlives & Other Lives: Semiosis & History in 21st Century Ukraine

Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

Lavrentia Karamaniola (Sociocultural)

Bucharest Barks: Street Dogs, Urban Lifestyle Aspirations, and the Non-Civilized City

Muhammad Murshed Khadija (Archaeology)

The Nabataean Rock Carving Technique in Petra


Elizabeth Koomson (Social Work and Anthropology)

Transforming Customary Systems in Ghana: Women's Participation in Small-Scale Gold Mining Activities in the Talensi District

Oana Mateescu (Anthropology and History)

Serial Anachronism: Re-Assembling Romanian Forest Commons

Assistant Professor, University of Bergen

John Mathias (Social Work and Anthropology)

Contentious Ethics: Creativity and Persuasion among Environmental Organizers in South India

Assistant Professor, College of Social Work, Florida State University

Regev Nathansohn (Sociocultural)

Living in a Mixing Neighborhood: Reflexive Coexistence and the Discourse of Separation

Adjunct Lecturer, University of Haifa

Michael Prentice (Linguistic)

Ranks & Files: Corporate Hierarchies, Genres of Management,and Shifting Control in South Korea's Corporate World

Lecturer in Korean Studies, School of East Asian Studies, Sheffield University, England

Colin Quinn (Archaeology)

The Crucible of Complexity: Community Organization and Social Change in Bronze Age Transylvania (2700-1320 BC)

Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, Hamilton College

Tasha Rijke-Epstein (Anthropology and History)

Architectures of Belonging: Moral Economies of Urban Place-Making in Mahajanga, Madagascar

Assistant Professor, History, Vanderbilt University

Aaron Sandel (Biological)

Male-Male Relationships and the Transition to Adulthood in Chimpanzees

Assistant Professor, University of Texas - Austin

Josh Shapero (Linguistic)

Speaking Places: Language, Mind, and Environment in the Ancash Highlands (Peru)

Instructor, University of Michigan

Amir Syed (Anthropology and History)

Al-ḤājjʿUmar Tāl and the Realm of the Written: Mastery, Mobility and Islamic Authority in 19th Century West Africa

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Linda Takamine (Sociocultural)

Alcohol, Virtue, and the Making of Persons in Contemporary America

Qualitative Researcher, VA Center for Clinical Management Research

Edgar Taylor (Anthropology and History)

Asians and Africans in Ugandan Urban Life, 1959-1972

Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (CISA)

Craig Wuthrich (Biological)

Computational Relationships among Form, Function, and Phylogeny in the Catarrhine Ulnar Carpus, and the Evolutionary History of Ape and Human Locomotion

Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University


Luciana Aenasoaie (Anthropology and History)

Weaving and Unraveling the Factory Town: Social Alterations and European Belonging in the Aftermath of Romanian Industrial Collapse, 1950-2015

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, University of Michigan

Ismail Fajrie Alatas (Anthropology and History)

Aligning the Sunna and the Jama'a: Religious Authority and Islamic Social Formation in Contemporary Central Java, Indonesia

Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University

Jess Beck (Archaeology)

The Bioarchaeology of Mortuary Practice at Marrquies Bajos, Spain

Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellow, Georgia State University

Marcela Benitez (Biological)

Sizing up Strangers: Sexual Selection and Vocal Signals in Gelada Males

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Emory University

William Benton (Sociocultural)

Entrepreneurship Networks in Beirut: Capital and Creativity Modeling the Future

Scholar in Resident, Virginia Commonwealth University

Ivan Cangemi (Archaeological)

A Scale-Free, Relational Approach to Social Development in LatePrehistoric
Tyrrhenian Central Italy

Research Fellow, School of Public Health, University of Michigan

Matthew Chin (Social Work and Anthropology)

Enacting Politics through Art: Encounters between Queer and Trans of Color Organizers and the Canadian City

Assistant Professor, Social Work, Fordham University

Adriana Chira (Anthropology and History)

Uneasy Intimacies: Race, Family, and Property in Santiago de Cuba, 1803-1868

Assistant Professor, History, Emory University

Joshua Coene (Anthropology and History)

The Contentious Prison: From Rehabilitation to incapacitation in New South Wales and Pennsylvania, 1965-1990

Robyn d'Avignon (Anthropology and History)

Subterranean Histories: Making ‘Artisanal’ Miners on the West African Sahel

Assistant Professor of History, New York University

Alysa Handelsman (Sociocultural)

Growing up in Guayaquil's Barrios: A Collaborative Ethnography with Children

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, Wofford College

Bethany Hansen (Biological)

The Ecology and behavior of new chimpanzee mothers at Ngogo, the Kibale National Park, Uganda

Research Fellow, Lincoln Park Zoo

Alison Joersz (Linguistic)

What's Wrong with Haiti? Politics, Development, and Discourse in Port-au-Prince

Customer Service Representative, American Heritage Insurance Agency, Inc.

Rachel Jihyun Lee (Archaeology)

Household Change and Social Complexity in Mumun Pottery Period Korea, 1500-500 B.C.

Instructor, Tenure Track - Shoreline Community College 

Ashley Lemke (Archaeology)

Anthropological Archaeology Underwater: Hunting Architecture and Forager Lifeways beneath the Great Lakes

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthroplogy, University of Texas-Arlington

Jane Lynch (Sociocultural)

The Good of Cloth: Bringing Ethics to Market in India's Handloom Textile Industry

Lecturer, Social Theory and Practice, LSA Residential College, University of Michigan

Shana Melnysyn (Anthropology and History)

Vagabond States: Boundaries and Belonging in Portuguese Angola, c. 1880-1910

Mellon Graduate Research Assistant, University of Michigan

Lamia M. Moghnieh (Social Work and Anthropology)

Humanitarian Psychology in Lebanon: Psychological Aid, Violence and the Politics of Suffering

Postdoctoral Fellow, EUME (Europe in the Middle East, Middle East in Europe), Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin Germany

Elana Resnick (Sociocultural)

Nothing Ever Perishes: Waste, Race, and Transformation in an Expanding European Union

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Stuart Strange (Sociocultural)

Suspected Gods: Spirit Possession, Performance, and Social Relations in Multi-Ethnic Suriname

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Yale-NUS College

Joseph Vascomi (Anthropology & History)

Out of Time: History, Presence, and the Departure of the Italians of Egypt, 1933-present

Faculty, Birbeck College, Department of History, Classics & Archaeology, University of London


Dana Begun (Biological)

Age-Related Changes in Bone: Variation and Factors Influencing Bone Fragility

Lead Sales Operations Specialist, Baker Hughes - GE

Jennifer Bowles (Sociocultural)

Hands on the Green Leaf: Labor, Resistance, and Bittersweet Dwelling in Argentina's Yerba Mate Country

Assistant Professor of Social Work, Oakland University

Vanessa Diaz (Sociocultural)

Manufacturing Celebrity and Marketing Fame: An Ethnographic Study of Celebrity Media Production

Assistant Professor, California State University, Fullerton

Christopher Estrada (Anthropology & History)

Caboclos of Nazareth: Improvisation and Renovation in Marcacatu de Baque Solto of Prenambuco

Visiting Research Associate, King's College London

Joshua Friedman (Sociocultural)

Yiddish Exchange: Language, Inter-generational Gifts, and Jewish Devotion

Postdoc Research Fellow, Anthropology, Duke University

Katherine Fultz (Sociocultural)

Economies of Representation: Communication, Conflict, and Mining in Guatemala

Instructor, Southeast Missouri State University

Anna Genina (Sociocultural)

Claiming Ancestral Homelandsː Mongolian Kazakh migration in Inner Asia 

Andrew Gurstelle (Archaeology)

The House of Oduduwa: An Archaeological Study of Economy and Kingship in the Save Hills of West Africa

Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Anthropology, Wake Forest University

Geoffrey Hughes (Sociocultural)

Affection and Mercy: Kinship, State, and the Management of Marriage in Jordan

Lecturer, University of Exeter

Ji Eun Kim (Sociocultural)

The Politics of Survival and Care in Homeless Japan

Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies, University of Leeds

Moshe Kornfeld (Sociocultural)

The Chosen Universalists: Jewish Philanthropy and Youth Activism in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Washington University

Jennifer Lee Hall (Archaeology)

Debating Darija: Language Ideology and the Written Representative of Moroccan Arabic in Morocco

Professor, Universite Internationale de Casablanca

Scott MacLochlainn (Sociocultural)

The Boundary Indefinite: Schism and the Ethics of Christian Strategy in the Philippines

Tenure-track faculty, Johns Hopkins University

Bertrand Metton (Anthropology and History)

From the Popular Front to the Eastern Front: Youth Movements, Travel, and Fascism in France (1930-1945)

Lecturer, City University of New York

Davide Orsini (Anthropology and History)

Life in Nuclear Archipelago: Cold War Technopolotics and US Nuclear Submarines in Italy

Assistant Professor, History, Mississippi State University

Ali Sipahi (Anthropology and History)

At Arm's Length: Historical Ethnography of Proximity in Harput

Edgar Taylor (Anthropology and History)

Asians and Africans in Ugandan Urban Life, 1959-1972

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg South Africa

Amorita Esperanza Valdez (Sociocultural)

Care-Biographies: Narrating Kinship in the Context of Care

Board member, Anthropology Theory Project

Elizabeth Bridges White (Archaeology)

Beyond Emire: Vijayanagara Imperialism and the Emergence of the Keladi-Ikkeri Nayaka State, 1499-1763 C.E.

Owner, Luna Lola

Andrea Wright (Anthropology and History)

Migratory Pipelines: Labor and Oil in the Arabian Sea

Assistant Professor, William and Mary College


Erika Alpert (Linguistic)

Language, Gender, and Ideology in Japanese Professional Matchmaking

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Nazerbayev University

Jean E. Balestrery (Anthropology & Social Work)

A Multi-Sited Ethnographic Study in Alaska: Examining the Culture-Communication Nexus Salient to Alaska Native Elders and Conventional Health and Social Services 

Casey Barrier (Archaeology)

The Mississippi Transition at the Washausen Site: Demography and Community at a Tenth-Eleventh Century A.D. Mound Town in the American Bottom, Illinois

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Bryn Mawr College

Consulting Scholar, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology American Section, University of Pennsylvania

Christopher Berk (Sociocultural)

Long Way, Long Time: Learning and Living Aboriginal Culture in Tasmania

Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, Auburn University

Sumi Cho (Sociocultural)

The Politics of Difference and Authenticity in the Practice of Okinawan Dance and Music in Osaka, Japan

Assistant Professor, Bangmok College of General Ed, Myongi University

Nishaant Choksi (Linguistic)

Scripting Autonomy: Script, Code, and Performance among Santali Speakers in Eastern India

Assistant Professor, IIT Gandhinagar Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar

Anne Marie Compton (Archaeology)

Shifting Trade Networks: Household Interaction and Integration in Central Ghana

Associate Director, Center for Academic Program Support, University of New Mexico

Jonathan Devore (Sociocultural)

Cultivating Hope: Struggles for Land, Equality, and Recognition in the Cacao Lands of Southern Bahia, Brazil

Akademischer Rat auf Lebenszeit (Academic Counsel), Dept of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Cologne, Germany

Nicholas Emlen (Linguistic)

Language and Coffee in a Trilingual Matsigenka-Quechua-Spanish Frontier Community on the Andean-Amazonian Borderland of Southern Peru

Research Fellow, Brown University

Anna Genina (Sociocultural)

Creating Ancestral Homelands: movement, history, and belonging among Mongolian Kazakh repatriates

International Arts and Cultural Relations Consultant, Moscow, Russian Federation

Shu-Li Huang (Sociocultural)

From Millenarians to Christians: The History of Christian Bureaucracy in Ahmao (Miao/Hmong) Society, 1850s-2010s

Assistant Research Fellow, Academia Sinica

Kelly Kirby (Sociocultural)

Clothing, Kinship, and Representation: Transnational Wardrobes in Michigan's African Diaspora Communities

Department Chair, Moore College of Art & Design

Gabriele Koch (Sociocultural)

The Libidinal Economy of the Japanese Sex Industry: Sexual Politics and Female Labor

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Yale-NUS College

Bradley Kramer (Sociocultural)

Keeping the Sacred: Structured Silence in the Enactment of Priesthood Authority, Gendered Worship, and Sacramental Kinship in Mormonism

Assistant Professor, History, Utah Valley University

Matthew Kroot (Archaeology)

Feeding Villages: Farming and Forging Across Neolithic Landscapes in west-central Jordan

Academic Year Adjuct Lecturer, Santa Clara University

Nita Luci (Sociocultural)

Seeking Independence: Making Nation, Memory, and Manhood in Kosova

Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology Kosovo

Katherine Bolden Martineau (Sociocultural)

"Marginal Freedoms: Journalism, Participation and Moral Multiplicity in Odisha, India"

Assistant Professor, Binghamton University

Amy Nicodemus (Archaeology)

Trade, Craft Production, and Agro-Pastoral Intensification: Bronze Age Economies of the Carpathian Basin

Assistant Professor, Archaeology, University of Wisconsin LaCrosse

Katherine Rendle (Anthropology & Social Work)

Anthropology & Social Work Cancer Prevention Fellow, National Cancer Institute

Cancer Prevention Fellow, National Cancer Institute

Perry Sherouse (Linguistic)

Quality, Comfort, and Ease: Remapping the Affordances of Russian Language in Tbilisi, Georgia

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, AAAS-EEA Science and Technology

Junko Teruyama (Sociocultural)

Carving out a new minority: Identifying and locating LD, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder in Japan

Assistant Professor, Library, Media & Information Studies, University of Tsukuba

Caroline Marie VanSickle (Biological)

A New Examination of Childbirth-Related Pelvic Anatomy in Neandertal Females

Visiting Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College

Alice Wright (Archaeology)

Inscribing Interaction: Middle Woodland Monumentality in the Appalachian Summit, 100 B.C. - A.D. 400

Assistant Professor, Biology, Appalachian State University



Anne Bain-Nordberg (Anthropology & Social Work)

The Impact of Therapeutic Jurisprudence: A Critical Study of Toronto's Mental Health Court

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Daniel Birchok (Anthropology & History)

Sojourning in Mecca's Verandah: Place, Temporality, and Islam in an Indonesian Province

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan-Flint

Matthew Gallon (Archaeology)

Ideology, Identity, and the Construction of Urban Communities: The Archaeology of Kamphaeng Saen, Central Thailand (c. Fifth to Ninth Centuries CE)

Adjunct Professor, Middlesex Community College

Emily Hein (Linguistic)

"The Semiotics of Diaspora: Language Ideologies and Coptic Orthodox Christianity in Berlin, Germany"

Federico Helfgott (Anthropology and History)

Transformations in Labor, Land and Community: Mining and Society in Pasco, Peru, 20th Century to the Present

Lecturer, Nat'l University of San Marcos and Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, Peru

Randall Hicks (Sociocultural)

The Politics of Envy: Progress, Corruption, and Ethical Kinship among Bolivian Immigrants in Escobar, Argentina

International Relations Analyst, U.S. Department of Labor

Sarah Hillewaert (Linguistic)

Between Respect and Desire: On Being Young, Pious, and Modern in an East African Muslim Town

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Emily Holt (Anthropology & Classical Art and Archaeology)

Economy and Environment in Complex Societies: A Case Study from Bronze Age Sardinia

Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University

Anneeth Kaur Hundle (Sociocultural)

The Politics of (In)security: Reconstructing African-Asian Relations, Citizenship and Community in Post-Expulsion Uganda

Assistant Professor, Cultural Anthropology, University of California Merced

Purvi Mehta (Anthropology and History)

Recasting Caste: Histories of Dalit Transnationalism and the Interationalization of Caste Discrimination

Assistant Professor, Colorado College

Esteban Rozo Pabon (Anthropology and History)

Remaking Indigeneity: Conversion and Colonization in Northwest Amazonia

Assistant Professor, Universidad del Rosario, Bogota, Colombia

David Pappano (Biological)

The Reproductive Trajectories of Bachelor Geladas

People Analyitics Data Scientist, McKinsey & Company

Laura Stein Pardo (Sociocultural)

Artists, Aesthetics, and Migrations: Contemporary Visual Arts and Carribbean Diaspora in Miami, Florida

Designer, Appriss

Brent Pav (Biological)

Gestural Communication by Wild Chimpanzees

Peace Corps, Secondary Education English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Janak Rai (Sociocultural)

Activism as a Moral Practice: Cultural Politics, Place-Making and Indigenous Movements in Nepal

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Jessica Robbins- Ruszkowski (Sociocultural)

Personhood in Places: Aging, Memory, and Relatedness in Postsocialist Poland

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Wayne State University

Lauren Sarringhaus (Biological)

Positional and Morphological Development of Wild Chimpanzees, Pan Troglodytes

Ian Stewart (Anthropology & History)

The Tenacity of Bondage: An Anthropological History of Slavery and Unfree Labor in Sierra Leone

Postdoc and Teaching Fellow, University of British Columbia

Uthara Suvrathan (Archaeology)

Complexity on the Periphery: A Study of Regional Organization at Banavasi, c.1st - 18th Century A.D.

Visiting Fellow, City University of New York

Jack Ume Tocco (Sociocultural)

AIDS the Islamic Way: Treatment, Masculinity, and Ethics of Care in Northern Nigeria

Visiting Assistant Professor, William Paterson University


Mary Block (Anthropology and Social Work) 

Infected Kin: AIDS, Orphan Care and the Family in Lesotho

Visiting Lecturer, Brown University

Zachary Cofran (Biology)

Mandibular Growth in Australopithcus robustus

Assistant Professor, Vassar College

Andrew Conroe (Anthropology & History)

Generating History: Violence and the Risks of Remembering for Families of Former Political Prisoners in Post-New Order Indonesia

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Cameron Gokee (Archaeology)

Daily Life in the Land of Bambuk: An Archaeological Study of Political Economy at Diouboye, Senegal

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University

Kathryn Graber (Linguistic)

Knowledge and Authority in Shift: A Linguistic Ethnography of Multilingual News Media in the Buryat Territories of Russia

Assistant Professor, Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington

Shayla Griffin (Anthropology and Social Work)

When the Black Kids Moved In: Racial Reproduction and the Promise of Intergroup Dialogue in an Exurban High School

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for the Study of Black Youth in Context

Mary Kelaita (Biological)

Morphological Variation of Two Howler Monkey Species and their Genetically Confirmed Hybrids

Assistant Professor, St. Philips College

Dong Ju Kim (Anthropology and History)

Taking Better Care of the Fields: Knowledge Politics of Sugar Beet, Soil, and Agriculture after Socialism in Western Poland

Assistant Professor, Korean Advanced institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, South Korea

Amanda Logan (Archaeology)

A History of Food Without History: Food, Trade, and Environment in west-central Ghana in the Second Millennium, AD

Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Khori Newlander (Archaeology)

Exchange, Embedded Procurement, and Hunter-Gatherer Mobility: A Case Study from the North American Great Basin

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Maria Perez (Sociocultural)

Exploration, Science, and Society in Venezuela's Cave Landscape

Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

Guillermo Salas Carreno (Sociocultural)

Negotiating Evangelicalism and New Age Tourism Through Quechua Ontologies in Cuzco, Peru

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Pontificia Catholic University, Peru

Marissa Sobolewski (Biological)

The Hormonal Correlates of Male Chimpanzee Social Behavior

Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Stephen Sparks (Anthropology and History)

Apartheid Modern: South Africa's Oil from Coal Project and the History of a Company Town

Assistant Professor, University of Johannesburg

Tam Perry (Anthropology & Social Work)

Leaving Home in Late Life: Voluntary Housing Transitions of Older Adults as Gift Giving Practices in the Midwestern United States

Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Howard Tsai (Archaeological)

An Archaeological Investigation of Ethnicity at Las Varas, Peru

Program Assistant, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Michigan

Andrew White (Archaeological)

The Social Networks of Early Hunter-Gatherers in Midcontinental North America

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina

Vanessa Will (Sociocultural)

Why Kenny Can't Can: The Language Socialization Experiences of Gaelic-Medium Educated Children in Scotland

Sr. Human Research Review Analyst, Human Research Protections Office, University of New Mexico


Danna Agmon (Anthropology & History)

An Uneasy Alliance: Traders, Missionaries, and Tamil Intermediates in Eighteenth-Century French India

Assistant Professor, History and ASPECT (Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought), Virginia Tech

Marisabel Almer (Sociocultural)

Remembering Angola - Cuban Internationalism, Transnational Spaces, and the Politics of Memories


Veronique Belisle (Archaeology)

Ak'awillay: Wari State Expansion and Household Change in Cusco, Peru (AD 600-1000)

Assistant Professor, Millsaps College

Mollie Callahan (Sociocultural)

Signs of the Time: Kallawaya Medical Expertise and Social Reproduction in 21st Century Bolivia

Teacher, Menlo Innovations

Jennifer Carballo (Archaeology)

Social Interaction and Variation in Middle Formative Tlaxcala, Mexico: An Analysis of Ceramics from Two Village Societies

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Andrew Conroe (Anthropology and History)

Generating History: Violence and the Risks of Remembering for Families of Former Political Prisoners in Post-New Order Indonesia

Assistant Professor, Sociology/Writing and Critical Thinking, National University of Singapore

Christina Davis (Sociocultural)

Education in the Language of Conflict: Linguistic and Social Practice among Sri Lankan Ethnic Minority Youth

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Western Illinois University

Roxanna Duntley-Matos (Anthropology & Social Work)

Transformative Accomplices: Multicultural Community Organizing in a Transnational Educational Context

Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

Elizabeth Falconi (Linguistic)

Migrant Stories: Zapotec Transborder Migration and the Production of a Narrated Community

Visiting Professor, Anthropology, Georgia State University

Kelly Fayard (Sociocultural)

We've always known who we are': Belonging in the Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Director, Native American Culture Center

Assistant Dean, Yale University

Sherina Feliciano- Santos (Linguistic)

An Inconceivable Indigeneity? The Historical, Cultural, and Interactional Dimensions of Puerto Rican Taino Activism

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of South Carolina

J. Henrike Florusbosch (Sociocultural)

The Powers of Observation: Ideologies and Practices of Paying Attention among rural Malian Muslims in Mande

Program Coordinator and Lecturer, University of Michigan

Bridget Guarasci (Sociocultural)

Reconstructing Life: Environment, Expertise, and Political Power in Iraq's Marshes 2003-2007

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Franklin and Marshall College

Laura Heinemann (Anthropology & Social Work)

Transplanting Kinship: Transplantation, Kin Relatedness, and Daily Home Life in the U.S. Midwest

Assistant Professor, Creighton University

Claire Insel (Linguistic)

Shifting Publics and Shifting Alignments in a Sprachinsel in Southern Brazil

Freelance Editor

Joshua Irizarry (Sociocultural)

A Forest for a Thousand Years: Cultivating Life and Disciplining Death at Daihonzan Sojiji, a Japanese Soto Zen Temple

Visiting Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University

Simon Jo-Keeling (Sociocultural)

Musicking Tradition in Place: Participation, Values, and Banks in Bamileke Territory

Freelance Proofreader, Wiley-Blackwell

Hemanth Kadambi (Archaeology)

Sacred Landscapes in Early Medieval South India: the Chalukya state and society (ca. AD 550-750)

Assistant Professor, Shiv Nadar University

Nathalie Koc-Menard (Sociocultural)

Social Mediation and Social Analysis: The Discourse of Marginality in a Theater of War

Lecturer, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

Julie Lesnik (Biological)

Tools and Termites: Implications for the Foraging Behavior of the Swartkrans Hominids

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Wayne State University

Rafael Boglio Martínez (Anthropology & Social Work)

The Politics of Grassroots Support: NGO Promoted Community-Based Social Change in Contemporary Puerto Rico

Faculty, Metropolitan University (Puerto Rico)

Emily McKee (Sociocultural)

Socializing Landscapes, Naturalizing Conflict: Environmental Discourses and Land Conflict in the Negev Region of Israel

Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University

Elizabeth Miller (Biological)

Breastfeeding and Immunity in Ariaal Mothers and Infants

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Director, University of Southern Florida

Janam Mukherjee (Anthropology & History)

Hungry Bengal: War, Famine, Riots, and the End of Empire, 1939-1946

Assistant Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto

Davorka Radovcic (Biological)

The Implications of Variation in Late Pleistocene Levantine Crania for Understanding the Pattern of Human Evolution

Curator, National Museum of History

Xochitl Ruiz (Sociocultural)

Dining in Bethlehem: Food, Charity, and Growing Old in Bogota

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Oberlin College

Kirstin Swagman (Linguistic)

Language Names and Norms in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Web Communications Specialist, University of Nevada - Reno

Joanna Tatomir (Biological)

The Nutritional Use of Thai Medicinal Plants and the Etiology of Breast Cancer in Thai Women

National Science Student Associate, University of Michigan

Amanda Terc (Linguistic)

Syria's New Neoliberal Elite: English Usage, Linguistic Practices and Group Boundaries

Director, Seikh Faisal Center for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, DePaul University

Cecilia Tomori (Demography)

The Moral Dilemmas of Nighttime Breastfeeding: Crafting Kinship, Personhood and Capitalism in the U.S.

Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Durham University

Susanne Unger (Linguistic)

Cultivating Audiences: Filmbildung, Moral Education, and the Public Sphere in Germany

Professorial Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, American University