Climate change is ravaging the planet. Wildlife populations are diminishing rapidly around the world. The Earth is dying — and it’s all our fault.

This mantra cycles through my head every day, guiding my actions as I move through my daily routine.

Can you turn off the lights?”

“Did you make sure to shut off the TV before you left the room?” “You don’t need to keep the water running while you’re washing dishes; you only need it for rinsing.”


In many cases, it seems like sustainability is used as a marketing ploy instead of an actual commitment to improvement, with companies putting their “best foot forward” for the sake of advertising and consumer appeal. Dr. Stuart Kirsch, a professor of Anthropology at the University, criticized the mass market’s commodification of the term “sustainability” in an interview. He emphasized that those who do pursue eco-friendly actions will be better off in the long run as the government implements more environmental regulations.