In an effort to create a comprehensive list of organizations and services to help victims of human trafficking, a UM graduate student is asking people to complete the survey below. IRA GELB / CREATIVE COMMONS


In recent years, we've heard a lot more reports about law enforcement cracking down on human trafficking. In Michigan, a researcher is discovering that finding victims of human trafficking is different from finding help for those victims.

Jessica Lowen​, a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Michigan, joined Stateside to discuss her efforts to compile a comprehensive list of service providers for victims of human trafficking in Michigan. Deena Policicchio also joined the conversation to discuss why it's important to know who can provide specific services for victims. She's director of outreach and education for Alternatives for Girls, a non-profit in Detroit that serves homeless and high-risk girls and young women.


Listen to to Lowen's discussion on Michigan Radio