Nina Jackson Levin has published an article on the parallels between oncofertility and financials as well as the ties to adolescent and young adults (AYA) psychological health in making these decisions. Banking on Fertility Preservation: Financial Concern for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients Considering Oncofertility Services considers how AYA's decision making is impacted by their ability to afford oncofertility services and the weight of this decision. The article was backed by research on AYA cancer patients who's risk of infertility has been affected by their cancer diagnosis. Levin found that "financial consequences in terms of oncofertility are a major issue affecting AYA cancer patients. The incidence and gravity of financial concern surrounding affording oncofertility services merits attention in future research."

Levin's research was also featured in Issue 7 of the AHEAD magazine, a magazine published by the University of Michigan School of Social work.