Maureen Devlin, Webb Keane, Barbra Meek, and Damani Partridge have been recognized the by the  University of Michigan and the College of LSA for their excellence in teaching. 

Maureen Devlin, was selected to receive a 2022 Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education from the College of LSA. Maureen is a dynamic and engaging instructor who teaches through connection, collaboration and caretaking, and, as such, is deeply admired by her students. She will be awarded this honor at the Fall LSA Faculty meeting.

Webb Keane, was awarded a Distinguished University Professorship for outstanding scholarship, teaching and service. This honor is one of the most prestigious bestowed by the university and recognizes Webb for his influential work on ethics, religion, language and moral systems; his contributions as a teacher and mentor; and his service to the department, college and discipline 

Barbra Meek, was awarded a University Diversity and Social Transformation Professorship for outstanding contributions to excellence through a commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in research, teaching, service and engagement. This honor recognizes Barb's scholarship on indigenous languages and on racism and discrimination in media forms; her teaching in anthropology, linguistics and Native American Studies; her service to the department, college and discipline; and her work with indigenous communities on language revitalization efforts.

Damani Partridge has been elected to a six-year term as Vice President (2 years), President (2 years) and Past President (2 years) of the German Studies Association.