Anthropology 101 student Mackenzie Gard

Congratulations to Anthropology 101 student Mackenzie Gard, who received an Outstanding First-Year Research Project Award for her research paper “The TBI Experience: Patient, Caregiver, and Professional Perspectives on Traumatic Brain Injury and Rehabilitation.”

Mackenzie's mentor and Anthro 101 instructor Dr. Leigh Stuckey writes, “In evaluating Mackenzie’s project and paper, I was impressed by her perceptive research questions, the clarity of her writing, and the potential significance of her project to the field of Medical Anthropology. But what most struck me about Mackenzie’s work was her adept use of her sources, particularly for a first-year student.”

The Outstanding First-Year Research Project Award is one of the Pamela J. Mackintosh Undergraduate Research Awards sponsored by JABberwocky Literary Agency…/award-winners