Michael L. Galaty, director of UMMAA, sat on the jury for a trial of Hippocrates at the Harris Theater in Chicago on February 20, 2019. Galaty (second from right, back row) was one of three jurors who found Hippocrates guilty. The event was hosted by the National Hellenic Museum.

On Wednesday, February 20, at The Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Chicago, UMMAA director Michael L. Galaty sat on a jury for a modern-day trial of Hippocrates. 

Attendees of The National Hellenic Museum's Trial of Hippocrates experienced the court in the style of ancient Athens, with a modern twist featuring the nonscripted wit of dynamic legal arguments and the examination of an expert witness, as professional attorneys debated whether the great Greek physician Hippocrates was guilty of violating his own oath when administering medical care to the dying King of Thebes. The King, desperate to be cured, offered Hippocrates many treasures and riches for remedies to his several ailments. Upon his death, the king's son and heir charged Hippocrates for violating the oath he had written when taking up his medical practice.

In the end, the verdict of the jury was "not guilty." Read more here