Psychology Major Transfer Guides

What you need to know about the Psychology major as a transfer student

  • The psychology major requires two prerequisite courses and then completion of 32 credits.
  • Within these 32 credits you must complete a class in 3 breadth areas, 2 lab classes, and at least 12 credits at the 300 and 400-level.  
  • You can transfer in up to 16 credits toward the requirements.  
  • You must complete 24 credits for the major (includes pre-requisites and major credits)  in-residence through courses taught at the Univeristy of Michigan's Department of Psychology Ann Arbor Campus or at U-M Study Abroad programs.
  • To see all the details on the Psychology and Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience majors visit the department's website
  • For more information on transferring to complete a psychology degree and to learn more about how to have transfer classes evaluated for major credit visit the department's transfer page

Before turning to the Transfer Guide for your insitution, please read through the general structure of the Psychology major below so you understand how your transfer credit fits into your overall degree plan.

Recommended Transfer Pathway

  • Take the equivalent to PSYCH 111, unless you scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Psych exam.
  • Take a Statistics course that transfers as STATS 250 or one that transfers as Departmental credit that is pre-approved by the Psych department.
  • Take courses that count toward breadth requirements. There are courses that transfer for the Developmental/Psychopathology and Social/Personality/Gender at each community college. There are very few courses that transfer for the Biopsychology/Cognitive Breadth Group so you will most likely end up fulfilling that requirement after transfering.

Completing General Degree Requirements as a Psychology Major

  • Quantitative Reasoning: The statistics class that is required for the psychology major will fulfill the QR requirement whether you transfer a course or take it after you transfer, as long as the class transferred is at least 3 credits.  You will not have to take an additional QR course outside of the requirements for the major.
  • Courses that transfer with the U-M subject PSYCH cannot be used for Area Distribution for psychology majors.  This means you will have take social science courses outside of the psychology department to count for the social science area distribution. 

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