Black news and media outlets have been a critical part of American journalism for centuries with more than a hundred Black-owned newspapers operating nationwide today.

The premier volume of Freedom Journal (1827) the nation's first Black owned and operated news publication

The first Black-owned publication was created in 1827 by activists John Russwurn and Samuel Cornish to speak out against slavery and racial injustices in New York. Covering topics that were not found in mainstream publications, Freedom Journal rose to prominence as a voice for New York’s Black community and abolitionism. By the 20th century, dozens more Black-owned newspapers had emerged in major cities across the country, spurred by the paper’s success and became cornerstones of abolition and civil rights movements nationwide.

Today, Black news and media outlets can be found in almost every major city across the U.S. where they remain a critical part of racial justice movements and provide high quality coverage of national and global news. With Black journalists comprising only 7% of the journalism workforce, these outlets provide a unique space to showcase stories of and for Black communities that are often overlooked by mainstream news and media. Despite the challenges of digitization and declines in print publications, Black-owned publications continue to be foundational to a wide range of communities and have achieved a global readership of millions. In honor of Black History Month, we recognize and celebrate the history and achievements of these publications.

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Local Black News and Media Outlets

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National / Digital Publications


Black Enterprise - Since the 1970s, Black Enterprise has been the premier business, investing, and wealth-building resource for Black Americans and continues to boast a wide readership across the nation.


Blavity - Founded in 2014, Blavity is a media and tech company created by and for Black millennials, focusing largely on Black culture and news. Blavity hosts a wide variety of publications in addition to its more general news site including Shadow and Act, Travel Noire, and AfroTech which look at Black entertainment, travel, and tech news respectively. 


Capital B - Capital B is a first-of-its kind, local-national hybrid nonprofit news organization that centers Black voices. Local bureaus in communities across the country are connected to a national team that focuses on investigative and accountability journalism about and for Black Americans.


Ebony - The most popular Black periodical during the decades after World War II, Ebony continues to be a prominent monthly publication covering the lifestyles and accomplishments of influential Black people, fashion, beauty, and politics.


Essence - Essence is a media, technology and commerce company dedicated to Black women and inspires a global audience through diverse storytelling and immersive original content.

Jet - Founded in 1951 by Johnson and Johnson, Jet magazine continues to be a widely read digital magazine focusing on news, culture, and entertainment related to the Black communities.



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