APS Annual Convention May 26-29, 2022 | Hyatt Regency Hotel | Chicago, IL
APS Convention Program Chair: Ethan Kross
U-M Department of Psychology Reception: May 28 from 4-5:30PM | Annex Room, Main Lobby Level

The following Department of Psychology faculty and students will present at the convention. Please visit the APS website for more information, including a complete convention schedule.


Awards Ceremony

Presenter: Shinobu Kitayama

Recipients: Pat Gurin, James S. Jackson Lifetime Achievement Award for Transformative Scholarship

Henry Wellman, APS Mentor Award


Plenary Panel Speaker

Nick Camp: "Trust in Institutions: Perspectives from Public Health, Policing, and Education"


Symposium Speakers

Adriene Beltz: “Cognition and personality, often thought to be stable, in fact vary across daily life and potentially covary with each other. This study uses 75 days of measurements for 122 adults and behavioural network mapping to detect the notable heterogeneity or person-specificity of these covariations.

Adriene Beltz and Natasha Chaku: “Intensive Longitudinal Methods for Studying Multidimensional Developmental Processes”

Craig Rodriguez-Seijas: “Borderline Personality Disorder Among LGBTQ+ Individuals: Examining Bias from Multiple Perspectives”

Stephanie Fryberg: “Mental Health: Have We Progressed over the Past 20 years?”


Poster Presenters

Elias Chandarlis and Nansook Park: “The Impact of Parental Beliefs of the Mother on Emotional, Social, and Behavioral Well-Being of Their Children's Best Friend.”

Jasmine Cooper: “Racial Disparities in COVID Cognitive Experiences: The Case of Metro-Detroit”

Max Hernand: “Applying the Illness Identity Model to Mental Health”

Miranda Jones, T. Ariel Yang, Jennifer Piemonte, and Terri Conley: “Beyond Gender Classification: Alternative Predictors of Submissive Sexual Fantasy”

Dominic P. Kelly and Adriene Beltz: “Describing Me Today: The Person-Specificity of Relations between Cognition and Personality over 75 Days”

Lara Khalifeh and Leah Richmond-Rakerd: “Midlife-Onset Alcohol Dependence: Testing Prospective and Adult Correlates in a Longitudinal Cohort Study”

Arianna McClellan and Le'Elle Davis: “#BlackInTheIvory: An Examination of Black scholars’ tweets of racial discrimination in academia”

Morgan Palmer, Laura Zahodne, and Afsara Zaheed: “Morgan Palmer, Laura Zahodne and Afsara Zaheed, University of Michigan”

Yuyang Zhong and Nick Camp: “Using Google Street View to Study Social Ecology at Scale”