On today's Stateside, we covered the sentencing of James and Jennifer Crumbley. They have been sentenced to at least 10 years in prison for failing to take steps that could have prevented the killing of four Oxford High School students in 2021. Then, we detailed a survey of students in the Grand Traverse area about how comfortable they feel asking a counselor for help. According to the survey, only about 20% of students reported feeling comfortable reaching out to a counselor. Next, Baker College in Royal Oak is launching an online cannabis certificate program in partnership with Green Flower, a leader in cannabis education. We heard more about this partnership and how it could benefit Michigan's marijuana industry. Then, we heard some eclipse-related advice. Wrapping up today's show, the Biden administration says a Middle Eastern and North African checkbox will be added on the next US census and on all government forms that collect data about race and ethnicity. We discussed this change and how it might impact MENA Michiganders.

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  • Lindsey Smith, Amplify team leader for Michigan Public

  • Ellen Grams, student from the Youth Wellness Initiative

  • Sarah Dennis Parker, counselor at Traverse City Central High School

  • Ben Berger, assistant principal at Traverse City Area Public Schools

  • Kelley Suggs, public relations manager at Baker College

  • Daniel Kalef, chief growth officer at Green Flower

  • Zak Rosen, host of the Best Advice Show

  • Germine Gigi Awad, professor of psychology at the University of Michigan

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