APA Convention
August 12-14, 2021

Keynote Speaker:
Liz Cole, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Psychology, and Afroamerican and African Studies
Whose Freedom of Speech?: Power and Violence on College Campuses
Saturday, August 14, 2021 at 1:00pm


Adriene Beltz, Anne Anastasi Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award from Division 5 (Quantitative and Qualitative Methods)

Fredrick J Morrison, APF Gold Medal for Life Achievement in the Applications of Psychology

Alexandra Rosati, Div 6 Early Career Investigator Award

Laura Zahodne, Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Psychology, American Psychological Association

Laura Zahodne, Levitt Early Career Award, Division 40 (Society for Clinical Neuropsychology)

Jacqui Smith, Baltes Distinguished Research Achievement Award


(144)Integrating History and Philosophy of Science in Research Education

Boston Review of Scientific Philosophy and Methodology in Undergraduate Research Methods Textbooks; Harley Dutcher MS

(202)Remembrances of James R. Flynn
Richard Nisbett Ph.D. Presentation 3

(233)Emerging Leaders in Psychological Science Highlight Cutting- Edge Research and Career Reflections: Participant/1st Author Laura B. Zahodne PhD, Biopsychosocial Pathways in Dementia Inequalities

(344)From International Psychology to a Global Mind-Set: Where Do We Find APA?
Participant/1st Author Nadia Jessop PhD

(666) Parenting Under Pressure: Child and Parent Mental Health and Harsh Parenting During a Pandemic: Participant/1st Author Katilin P. Ward MSW, Experiencing Criticism of Parenting Predicts Poorer Parental Well-being During COVID-19; Shawna J. Lee PhD


Invited Address:
Division 06 2020 Early Career Investigator Award: Evolving the Human Mind: What Our Primate Cousins Reveal About Human Cognition
- Alexandra Rosati PhD

Division 40 Early Career Address: Biopsychosocial Pathways in Dementia Inequalities, Laura B. Zahodne PhD


Paying Attention to Creativity: Exploring the Role of Attention in Creative Cognition
Chaotic Cognition and Artistic Expression, Holly A. White PhD 


On-Demand Library Index: Poster Sessions:  Participant/1st Author, will be available for 3 months 

Is Cupid Colorblind? Racial Colorblindness in Interracial Romantic Relationships -
Madeline K. Paxson, Marissa M. Salazar MS, Esra Ascigil MS, Lester Sim MS, Robin S. Edelstein PhD, Fiona Lee, PhD

Can a Growth Mindset-Based Syllabus Improve Student Motivation and Self-Efficacy in Research Methods?  - Dina Gohar PhD

How a Growth-Mindset Based Syllabus Can Increase Self-Efficacy and Enrollment in Challenging Classes - Dina Gohar PhD

The Effect of Uncertainty on Competitive Behavior - Duncan J. Drewry BA

Graduate Faculty’s Attitudes Toward Social Issues: A National Survey
Jessy K. Perez BS, Andrea Mora MS, MSW, Aisha Ibrahim, Lorraine M. Gutierrez PhD

Who Do Students Ask for Help in Class? Peer Characteristics Associated With Changes in Help-Seeking  - Jessica E. Kilday MS, Allison M. Ryan PhD

Clinical Youth at High Risk for Psychosis and Their Understanding of Genes - Cathy Cao BA

Examining the Relation Between Job Resources and Teacher Well-Being - Christina Naegeli Costa MS, Nansook Park PhD

Awareness of Deficit and Relationship Quality After Traumatic Brain Injury - Brigid Waldron-Perrine PhD

Emic Observational Measure of Positive Parenting Among Black, Urban-Residing, Low-Income Families - Shubhangi Kumari BS, Matthew Diemer PhD 

Exploring Gender Differences in the Triarchic Model of Psychopathy: The Role of Empathy - Lara Khalifeh PhD