APA Annual Convention
August 4-6, 2022
Minneapolis Convention Center (some talks also livestreamed; see above link for more information)

Toni Antonucci: Invited Address Speaker
Baltes Distinguished Research Achievement Award Address
Saturday, August 6 @ 4pm (50min)
Level One, Room 103a

Germine (Gigi) Awad: Main Stage Keynote Speaker
The Minoritized Arab/MENA Experience in the United States
Saturday, Aug 6 @ 1:00 PM (1hr, 20min)
Level One, Auditorium Main

Majel Baker: Panel Presenter
Everyday Gender Harassment and Sexism Reported by College Women in STEM
Thursday, Aug 4 3:00 PM (50min)
Level One, Room 103F

Lindzey Hoover: Poster Presenter
Co-Occurring Food Addiction, High-Risk Substance Use, and Parental History of High-Risk Alcohol Use
Friday, Aug 5 @ 2:00 PM (50min)
Level One, Exhibit Halls BCD

Lara Khalifeh: Poster Presenter
Alexithymia as a Mediator for Empathy in the Dark Triad and the Vulnerable Dark Triad
Thursday, Aug 4 @ 4:00 PM (50min)
Level One, Exhibit Halls BCD

Shinobu Kitayama: 2022 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award Address Speaker
Varieties of Interdependence and the Emergence of the Modern West: Toward Global Psychology
Saturday. August 6 @ 1 pm (50min)
Level One, Room 101h

Leanna Papp: Panel Presenter
Measuring Attitudes Toward “Mild” Sexual Assault: The Acceptance of Sexualized Aggression Scale
Thursday, Aug  4  3:00 PM (50min)
Level One, Room 103F

Patricia Reuter-Lorenz: Symposium Chair
Leveraging Cognitive Task Manipulations to Reveal Age Changes and Age Invariance in Memory Mechanisms
Thursday, August 4 @ 3pm (1hr, 50min)
Level Two, Room 200b