Three engineering students at the University of Michigan invented a mechanism that “prints” images onto toast as part of an entrepreneurship class taught by Dr. Eric Fretz.

It all started in fall 2016 when the students -- then juniors -- decided to take a class outside their comfort zone.

“We were looking for a fun class to take alongside our heavier engineering classes,” said Niket Parikh. “We didn’t have any expectations of what it was going to be all about.”

In each class, Dr. Fretz challenges his students to do epic things by coming up with an idea to change the community for the better, create something novel or make money.

On the first day of the course, Dr. Fretz told his students to split into groups for the semester. Typically, he encourages students to team up with classmates in different majors, but the engineers stuck together.

“We decided to do something engineer-related and use that to our advantage a little bit,” said Parikh.

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