Class of 2021 alum Camille Davre was at the top of her game in Michigan’s Cross Country team when she got injured. Soon after, she found out about Mood Lifters through a mass email from the athletic department and attended the student athlete program in women’s cross country. Davre said the program helped her through the injury and the mental consequences that followed.

“It was really hard not having that sport as an anchor in my day-to-day life,” Davre said. “I was feeling lost and needed guidance – and my experience with Mood Lifters was nothing but positive.”

Patricia Deldin, U-M professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, recently started “Mood Lifters,” a U-M funded study in which graduate students and young professionals ages 22 to 32 can enter an effective, evidence-based mental wellness program for free. The program teaches scientifically-validated mental wellness strategies in a supportive group setting and is designed to improve participants’ mood and relationships.

Deldin said she began the program because she wanted a way to support her students and their mental health.

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