As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, thousands of images and videos have been quickly circulated online.

While some have shown the devastation of destroyed buildings and other structures, some have been more graphic, displaying injuries, people being kidnapped and more.

Experts said sometimes it's impossible to avoid stories coming out of the conflict because, even if the news is turned off, social media can feel flooded with images and videos.

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Just as adults are at risk of being traumatized by images and videos of war and conflict, children are also at risk.

Dr. Michelle Kees, a clinical psychologist in the department of psychiatry at the University of Michigan, told ABC News that as coverage has increased more and more, children are being exposed to the same information.

"Research has shown us over the last several decades that exposure to war, violence, exposure to media violence, has a significant negative impact on children," she said. "We know that children who watched a tremendous amount of this particular media coverage later report greater symptoms of anxiety and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress."

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