Diehard fans may have flocked to the Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life,” for the quips, the pop culture references and all the coffee. However, it’s the revival’s quieter, more solemn moments that deserve true praise ― particularly when it comes to therapy.

In real life, seeking psychological support is often viewed as an unsavory byproduct of “losing your mind” rather than treating a very common health condition. Research even shows that many people with mental health issues avoid going to a therapist because they’re afraid of being judged or shamed by peers.

But in Stars Hollow, therapy is just a natural part of grief. And it’s presented in the most nonchalant and obvious way ― just as it should be.

Emily’s initial and instinctual reaction to therapy is reflective of the cultural attitude toward mental health: That seeking support is synonymous with “crazy.”

Even though it’s this exact mindset that needs to be eradicated, it’s critical that it also gets airtime. That way it can also be shut down, according to Srijan Sen, a professor at the University of Michigan Depression Center.

“Because of the stigma in some parts of our society, many people don’t realize how many of their friends, colleagues and family have received therapy,” Sen told The Huffington Post. “TV shows can start conversations and create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about therapy.”

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