The Department of Psychology is pleased to announce the awardees of the 2022 Psychology Diversity Awards. Each year, awards are given in the categories of Student Service, Student Teaching, Student Research, and Faculty Research. We thank the Rackham Graduate School who make these awards possible with a Faculty Allies for Diversity grant awarded to our department.

Many thanks also to the members of the Psychology Diversity Committee who reviewed the applications, and all students and faculty who submitted applications. We appreciate your contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our department!

Diversity Student Service Awards

Recognize students demonstrating outstanding commitment and leadership in work that actively seeks to increase equity, inclusion, and justice. Our winners have all made multiple contributions to their communities at UM and beyond, but we highlight one outstanding example of their leadership here:

Lolita Moss: In collaboration with the P-20 partnership between Detroit Public Schools and UM, she created a critical media literacy program called Re(sisters) that educates young women in high school on racial stereotypes, gender roles, and relationships through a media literacy lens. The students learn skills in digital media production, such as podcasts and video essays, to produce counternarratives.

Xin Sun: Worked to found the Psychology International Student Association (PISA), which is committed to protecting international students’ rights and voicing their needs.

Carlos Vivaldo: Worked to increase DEI in Biopsychology, including collaborating to create a database of DEI material that can be used in the many BCN undergrad courses, graduate courses, and to improve departmental culture.  

Diversity Student Teaching Award

Recognizes GSIs whose teaching makes an important contribution to deepening their students’ understanding of issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

Nadia Vossoughi: Made important contributions to infuse DEI into her teaching,  including developing a co-taught course, “The Social Psychology of Collective Action” (Psych 401).

Diversity Research Awards

Recognize the first authors of outstanding publications advancing knowledge about the diversity of human experience. Awards are granted in graduate student and faculty categories.

Awards for Student Research

Tiani Perkins: Perkins, T., Durkee, M., Riberio-Brown, B., & Banks, J. (2021).

Gender and racial identity moderate the effects of online and offline discrimination on mental health. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 32(1), 244-253.


Emily Morris: Morris, E. P., Brown, L. L., Zaheed, A. B., Palms, J. D., Sol, K., Martino, A., & Zahodne, L. B. (2021).

Effects of Stress Exposure Versus Appraisal on Episodic Memory Trajectories: Evidence for Risk and Resilience among Black Older Adults. The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences.

Award for Faculty Research

Matthew Diemer: Diemer, M.A., Frisby, M.B., Pinedo, A., Bardelli, E., Elliot, E., Harris, E.M., McAlister, S. & Voight, A.M. (in press).

Development of the Short Critical Consciousness Scale (ShoCCS). Applied Developmental Science.