They're defying the smartphone tidal wave with flip phones firmly gripped in their hands.

They are the people who are do not feel the need to stay on email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 24/7. They are the people who are not interested in smartphones, thank you very much.

Going back to old-school "dumbphones" is now a hip trend and provides people with a way to disconnect.

Dave Meyer is a professor in the University of Michigan Department of Psychology, where he directs the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory. He says in the age of smartphones and constant connectivity, the question is whether we are being smart in how we use smartphones.

"Smartphones can be exploited to improve the quality of your life ... And, it can have downsides as well. In particular, if you become addicted to your phone and you're constantly checking it in a sub-optimal way, in effect what you're doing is imposing on yourself a whole bunch of other tasks which are breaking your concentration from focusing on other, perhaps more important tasks."

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