"A well-­rounded liberal arts degree establishes a foundation of critical thinking. Critical thinkers can accomplish anything. Critical thinkers can master French, Ruby on Rails, Python or whatever future language comes their way. A critical thinker is a self­-learning machine that is not constrained by memorizing commands or syntax." - David Kalt, Founder of Reverb.com

David Kalt, founder of Reverb.com, discusses the value of a liberal arts education for those wishing to pursue careers in the technology industry in this June 2016 Wall Street Journal article. He argues that the critical thinking and other soft skills that a liberal arts degree establishes make employees stand out and give them the skills to "create better leaders in technology and life."

The College of LSA firmly believes in the value of liberal arts for life. As LSA Dean Andrew Martin said in the Spring 2016 issue of the LSA Magazine, "LSA has always stressed the importance of teaching students how they need to think instead of telling them what they need to know." LSA graduates are prepared to handle whatever life throws at them, from careers in fields that did not exist ten years ago to questions that are only just now being asked.

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