"For countless Americans, me among them, internships have provided a foothold on the path to the American dream. Simply by making them more accessible to all, we can narrow the inequality gap while widening the circle of opportunity, long after the summer ends." - Darren Walker, President of Ford Foundation

In this New York Times Opinion article, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker discusses the value of internships and the necessity for internships to be accessible to all students. "The right internship can put a young person onto a trajectory for success. This is precisely why those of us who oversee internship programs ought to make sure they provide a hand up to all people of promise, not merely a handout that, best intentions aside, accelerates a cycle of privilege and reward."

The LSA Internship Program offers a hand up to all LSA students by providing resources to ensure the accessibility of internship opportunities. From offering scholarships for students to fund their internship experiences to facilitating mentorship with U-M alumni so students may grow their networks, the LSA Internship Program empowers students to widen their own "circles of opportunity."

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