Hometown: Port Huron, MI

Major: English & Political Science 

Internship Placement: Public Defender Service of the District of Colombia


Why did you decide to do Michigan in Washington?

I wanted to gain real working experience in the legal field.

What do you do during a typical day at your internship?

The work of an investigative intern varies by day. Some duties include reviewing discovery for my assigned cases, like surveillance footage and body-worn camera footage, meeting with my team of investigators and attorneys, canvassing the area of a crime scene, or court watching. 

What's something that you're proud of that you've done at your internship so far?

I identified a previously unknown potential witness while reviewing case documents.

How has your skillset evolved or changed since you began working on this internship?

I have advanced my analytical reading skills to be more geared toward defense theories and legal usage. I find that I have become more meticulous and detail-oriented during my investigations. 

What is one fun activity that you have done since being in D.C.?

I loved visiting the National Gallery of Art, where I saw some works by my favorite impressionist painters! 

What advice would you give to a student interested in Michigan in Washington?

Don't underestimate the power of reaching out in continued interest to the job you want! It is better to be persistent than forgettable.