MIW Application and Interview Preparation Tips

1.  Meet with school and concentration advisors to ensure that program participation supports educational goals and graduation plans stay on track. 

2.  Explore internship ideas using Google.  Enter your area of interest and Washington, D.C. to see what types of organizations appear and whether you might be interested in working for them. 

3.  Outline your research interests and how you may connect those to your internship.

4.  Most students observe the Washington dress code at interviews - suits or jackets and ties for men, and appropriate business dresses, suits or slacks for women. 

5.  Interviews are approximately 25 minutes per student.  They are held via Zoom or in a conference room with two or three people from the Ann Arbor campus. 

6.  Have your "elevator speech" ready (i.e., a 30 second introduction.  "My name is John Doe.  I'm a junior majoring in Communications.  I'm interested in the MIW program because........")

7.  Brush up on your etiquette.  Stand and sit up straight.  Maintain eye contact.  Say "yes" not "yeah."  Say please, thank you, and excuse me.  Life in D.C. is more formal than life in Ann Arbor; good manners and appropriate conduct are essential.