Remi Alli, a JD with degrees from the University of Michigan, Loyola University Chicago School of Law and University of Toledo, was awarded the Top Prize in the American Judges Association’s 25th annual Law Student Essay Contest Award.

Ms. Alli received a commemorative plaque for having written the top essay in the nation. Her essay, "The Psychology Behind International Trafficking Law," will be considered for publication in AJA's journal, Court Review.

Remi wrote an article detailing why the preciseness of language was key to drafting legislation. She then compared trafficking laws and implementation in eleven different countries and provided solutions, such as classifying trafficking as 'rape,' 'torture' or 'abuse;' and classifying trafficking as a sex disorder, not otherwise stated with the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association,

"I know that classifying trafficking within the DSM may seem extreme to some, but doing so would provide a different perspective to trafficking being labeled as a disorder as opposed to consensual work in which the trafficked choose freely while also allowing those trafficked to receive healthcare benefits, which they are not currently able under the law."

As Toledo, Ohio is one of the largest cities for human trafficking in
the United States, Remi enrolled at the University of Toledo, College of
Law to further her education in trafficking, while completing her Juris Doctor. While there, she traveled to Tennessee and helped draft a bill on domestic minor traffickers in 2012.

"I really would like my recommendations to be implemented," Remi states. "If Attorney Holder could read and implement at least a few of my suggestions, I believe that they could effectuate real change in trafficking, both domestic and international."

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