Dave Caldwell is a senior, currently in Washington, D.C. as a member of Michigan in Washington’s Fall 2013 cohort. He is a Political Intern at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). In his time at HRC, Dave has learned how to follow and understand law-making processes with respect to pressing civil and human rights issues. A portion of his work has been focused on advocacy as well.

Many will recall hearing that gunshots were fired just outside the Capitol on October 3, 2013. Dave and a few of his colleagues at HRC visited the Capitol on October 3rd to discuss current human rights initiatives with the Senators. Just as Dave and others entered the building, shots were fired outside. Dave and his colleagues immediately ducked into Senator Pat Roberts’ (R-KS) office for safety.  Senator Roberts and his staff talked with Dave and his fellow advocates in the  inner chamber and waited out the duration of the lockdown. The ordeal soon came to an end and the Senator kept everyone in good spirits during the discussion. 

Despite the shutdown also being in full swing at the time of Dave’s visit to the Hill, this visit was a bipartisan effort. In Dave’s own words, “Senator Roberts is a Republican, and we are Democrats, but today we were all Americans.”