"Intonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance: Approaches across linguistic subfields," was edited by Nicholas Henriksen, Meghan E. Armstrong (Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst) and Maria del Mar Vanrell (Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institut für Romanische Philologie of the Freie Universität Berlin).

From the publishers website:

"Intonational Grammar in Ibero-Romance: Approaches across linguistic subfields," is a volume of empirical research papers incorporating recent theoretical, methodological, and interdisciplinary advances in the field of intonation, as they relate to the Ibero-Romance languages. The volume brings together leading experts in Catalan, Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as in the intonation of Spanish in contact situations. The common thread is that each paper examines a specific topic related to the intonation of at least one Ibero-Romance language, framing the analysis in an experimental setting. The novel findings of each chapter hinge on critical connections that are made between the study of intonation and its related fields of linguistic inquiry, including syntax, pragmatics, sociophonetics, language acquisition and special populations. In this sense, the volume expands the traditional scope of Ibero-Romance intonation, including in it work on signed languages (LSC), individuals with autism spectrum disorder and individuals with Williams Syndrome. This volume establishes the precedent for researchers and advanced students who wish to explore the complexities of Ibero-Romance intonation. It also serves as a showcase of the most up-to-date methodologies in intonational research.

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