Doctoral Student Justin Craft travelled to Edmonton, Alberta, to participate in the Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics’ Spring Training in Experimental Psycholinguistics. The theme this year was The Psycholinguistics of Learning. The training consisted of instructional classes on Eye Tracking Experimentation (using the Eye Link 1000+), Generalized Additive Mixed Modeling (GAMMs), and Methods in Phonological Acquisition Analysis (taught by Anne-Michelle Tessier).

Craft attended the University of California at Los Angeles from 2011-2014 where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Linguistics. He began his studies with the U-M Department of Linguistics in 2015. In his current research he is investigating the domains of long distance phonological dependencies in Canadian French, their phonetic correlates, and how harmony can aid in processing. He is also gathering data on how language games can inform our understanding of the perception of reduced vowels.

Abstracts from STEP can be found here.