Jiseung Kim, PhD candidate in Linguistics, was recently awarded one of eight Barbour Scholarships at the University of Michigan for 2018-19.

Jiseung Kim’s dissertation investigates how individual speakers employ multiple cues to prosodic boundaries in speech production and perception, with a focus on whether a speaker’s production of prosodic patterns influences his or her perceptual use of those patterns.

The Barbour Scholarships were endowed at the University of Michigan in 1917 by Levi Lewis Barbour for women of the highest academic and professional caliber from the countries encompassing the large region extending from Turkey in the west to Japan and the Philippines in the east to study modern science, medicine, mathematics, and other academic disciplines and professions critical to the development of their native lands.

Up to eight Barbour Scholars are chosen throughout the university each year on the basis of potential for contribution to their home country as well as academic record, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and timely progress toward the degree.