Graduate candidate and sociolinguist Kelly Wright studies the ways in which language can provide clues to unacknowledged racial attitudes. This summer, Kelly was interviewed by several national news outlets, including TODAY (online), The Economist, Deadspin, and The End of Sport podcast. Please see below for links to the articles and podcast.


These 11 everyday words and phrases have racist and offensive backgrounds

The Economist:
Language is a telling clue to unacknowledged racial attitudes

Interview with Kelly Wright, Sociolinguist | by Alex Mitchell | Jun, 2020

Have You Ever Heard of a 'Raw and Toolsy,' 'Well-Spoken' White Player?

End of Sport Episode 27:
“This is a fascinating conversation about the psycho-social and political dynamics of language and how they play out in discourse around sport. Kelly Wright offers both an accessible introduction to a complex field of study and a sophisticated and interdisciplinary account of how language contributes to the production of race but also can be used as an instrument of anti-racist resistance.”