"Speaking in Code" is a five-day workshop. It explores where Computer Science meets the Humanities. The goal is to help Humanities students understand basic programming concepts, communicate effectively with programmers, and examine how their graduate work can benefit the technology industry. For PhD students, it will especially helpful in overcoming a fear of computers and programming. The idea is that before considering applying for a job at tech company, you might want to learn just a little about what programmers do.

"Speaking in Code" Course Description:

At first glance, computer science is all about minutiae: individual instructions pieced together to perform a well-defined task. Humanities disciplines, on the other hand, often deal with complex and sweeping topics like history, art, and literature. This workshop hopes to move past these stereotypes to find where computer science and the humanities meet. The goal is to help humanities students:

  • Understand basic programming concepts
  • Communicate effectively with programmers
  • Explore how their graduate work can benefit the technology field

Workshop mornings will be spent learning new concepts and the afternoons putting these concepts into practice. By the end of the workshop, each student will have created a proposal for how their own personal work could benefit some area of technology.