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Brown Bag Seminars


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Brown Bag Fall 2020 Organizer Robert McGehee  
Date Speaker Title
9/30/2020 Djuna Croon (TRIUMF) New Physics and the Black Hole Mass Gap
11/4/2020 Harikrishnan Ramani (Stanford) Detecting terrestrial dark matter traffic jams
11/11/2020 Seth Koren (U Chicago) UV/IR Mixing and the Hierarchy Problem
11/25/2020 Yu-Dai Tsai (Fermilab) When High Energy Meets High Intensity
12/9/2020 Ofri Telem (UC Berkeley) Scattering Amplitudes for Monopoles: Pairwise Little Group and Pairwise Helicity
12/16/2020 Felix Kling (SLAC) Looking forward to new Physics with FASER
Brown Bag Winter 2021 Organizers Robert McGehee, Christoph Uhlemann  
1/20/21 Kevin Kelly (Fermilab)  Neutrino Oscillations: Where we are, where we’re going
1/28/21  Justin Kaidi (SCGP Stony
Adventures in Non-Supersymmetric String Theory
2/4/21 Gustavo Joaquin Turiaci (UCSB) The black hole spectrum in (super)gravity
2/11/21 Marcos Crichigno (Imperial College) Supersymmetry and Computation
2/24/21 Nick Rodd (UC Berkeley) Consistency of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
2/25/21 Shota Komatsu (CERN) Worldsheet g-function and AdS/CFT
3/10/21 Yingying Li (Fermilab) Loops and Trees in Generic 4d EFT up to operator dimension 8
3/11/21 Emanuel Malek (Humboldt U, Berlin) Kaluza-Klein Spectrometry for String Theory
3/24/21 Nicolas Fernandez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)  
4/1/21 Guido Festuccia (Uppsala)  
4/8/21 Mario Martone (Stony Brook)  
4/14/21 Hongwan Liu (Princeton/NYU)  
4/22/21 Hazel Mak (Brown)