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  1. Past Publications
Preprint Number Author(s) Title
LCTP-24-01 Sabyasachi Maulik, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Augniva Ray and Jingchao Zhang Universality in Logarithmic Temperature Corrections to Near-Extremal Rotating Black Hole Thermodynamics in Various Dimensions
LCTP-24-02 Patrick Barnes, Raymond Co, Keisuke Harigaya and Aaron Pierce Lepto-axiogenesis with light right-handed neutrinos
LCTP-24-03 Paolo Amore, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Juan F. Pedraza, Norma Quiroz, and Cesar A. Terrero-Escalante Fuzzy Spheres in Stringy Matrix Models: Quantifying Chaos in a Mixed Phase Space
LCTP-24-04 Evan Deddo, James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Robert J. Saskowski The Giant Graviton Expansion from Bubbling Geometry
LCTP-24-05 Nhat-Minh Nguyen, Fabian Schmidt, Beatriz Tucci, Martin Reinecke, Andrija Kostić How much information can be extracted from galaxy clustering at the field level?
LCTP-24-06 Elisabeth Krause, Yosuke Kobayashi, Andrés N. Salcedo, Mikhail M. Ivanov, Tom Abel, Kazuyuki Akitsu, Raul E. Angulo, Giovanni Cabass, Sofia Contarini, Carolina Cuesta-Lazaro, ChangHoon Hahn, Nico Hamaus, Donghui Jeong, Chirag Modi, Nhat-Minh Nguyen, Takahiro Nishimichi, Enrique Paillas, Marcos Pellejero Ibañez, Oliver H. E. Philcox, Alice Pisani, Fabian Schmidt, Satoshi Tanaka, Giovanni Verza, Sihan Yuan, Matteo Zennaro A Parameter-Masked Mock Data Challenge for Beyond-Two-Point Galaxy Clustering Statistics
LCTP-24-07 Evan Deddo, James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, and Robert J. Saskowski Explicit Entropic Proofs of Irreversibility Theorems for Holographic RG Flows
LCTP-24-08 Finn Larsen and Siyul Lee Supersymmetric Charge Constraints on AdS Black Holes and Free Fields
LCTP-24-09 Robert J. Saskowski


The fate of boundary terms in dimensional reductions  

LCTP-24-10 Justin Berman and Henriette Elvang Corners and Islands in the S-matrix Bootstrap of the Open Superstring
LCTP-24-11 Sabarenath Jayaprakash and James T. Liu Higher derivative heterotic supergravity on a torus and supersymmetry