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  1. Past Publications
Preprint Number Author(s) Title
LCTP-21-01 Noah Steinberg, James D. Wells Axion-Like Particles at the ILC GigaZ
LCTP-21-02 Alfredo Gonzalez Lezcano, Junho Hong, James T. Liu and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas The Bethe-Ansatz approach to the N=4 superconformal Index at finite rank
LCTP-21-03 Finn Larsen, Siyul Lee Microscopic Entropy of AdS$_3$ Black Holes Revisited
LCTP-21-04 Aidan Herderschee Algebraic branch points for all-loop amplitudes from positive kinematics and wall crossing
LCTP-21-05 Joshua W. Foster, Marius Kongsore, Christopher Dessert, Yujin Park, Nicholas L. Rodd, Kyle Cranmer, and Benjamin R. Safd A deep search for decaying dark matter with XMM-Newton blank-sky observations
LCTP-21-06 Shai Chester, Damon Binder ABJ Correlators with Weakly Broken Higher
Spin Symmetry
LCTP-21-07 Junho Hong and James T. Liu Subleading corrections to the S^3 free energy of necklace quiver theories dual to massive IIA
LCTP-21-08 Raymond Co, Keisuke Harigaya, and Aaron Pierce Gravitational Waves and Dark Photon Dark Matter from Axion Rotations
LCTP-21-09 Christoph Uhlemann