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  1. Past Publications
Preprint Number Author(s) Title
LCTP-21-01 Noah Steinberg, James D. Wells Axion-Like Particles at the ILC GigaZ
LCTP-21-02 Alfredo Gonzalez Lezcano, Junho Hong, James T. Liu and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas The Bethe-Ansatz approach to the N=4 superconformal Index at finite rank
LCTP-21-03 Finn Larsen, Siyul Lee Microscopic Entropy of AdS$_3$ Black Holes Revisited
LCTP-21-04 Aidan Herderschee Algebraic branch points for all-loop amplitudes from positive kinematics and wall crossing
LCTP-21-05 Joshua W. Foster, Marius Kongsore, Christopher Dessert, Yujin Park, Nicholas L. Rodd, Kyle Cranmer, and Benjamin R. Safd A deep search for decaying dark matter with XMM-Newton blank-sky observations
LCTP-21-06 Shai Chester, Damon Binder ABJ Correlators with Weakly Broken Higher
Spin Symmetry
LCTP-21-07 Junho Hong and James T. Liu Subleading corrections to the S^3 free energy of necklace quiver theories dual to massive IIA
LCTP-21-08 Raymond  T. Co, Keisuke Harigaya, and Aaron Pierce Gravitational Waves and Dark Photon Dark Matter from Axion Rotations
LCTP-21-09 Christoph Uhlemann Islands and Page curves in 4d from Type IIB
LCTP-21-10 Youjia Wu, Monica Valluri, Nondh Panithanpaisal, Robyn E. Sanderson, Katherine Freese, Andrew Wetzel, Sanjib Sharma Using Action Space Clustering to Constrain the Accretion History of Milky Way like Galaxies
LCTP-21-11 Raymond T. Co, Benjamin Sheff, and James D. Wells The Race to Find Split Higgsino Dark Matter
LCTP-21-12 James T. Liu and Robert J. Saskowski Subleading Corrections in N=3 Gaiotto-Tomasiello Theory
LCTP-21-13 Patrick Barnes, Zachary Johnson, Aaron Pierce, and Bibhushan Shakya Indirect Detection of Secluded Supersymmetric Dark Matter
LCTP-21-14 Marina David, Alfredo Gonzalez Lezcano, Jun Nian and Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas Logarithmic Corrections to the Entropy of Rotating Black Holes and Black Strings
LCTP-21-15 Pranav Diwakar, Aidan Herderschee, Radu Roiban, Fei Teng BCJ Relations for Holographic Correlators in
Embedding Space
LCTP-21-16 Huan-Hang Chi, Henriette Elvang, Aidan Herderschee, Callum R. T. Jones, and Shruti Paranjape Generalizations of the Double-Copy: the KLT Bootstrap
LCTP-21-17 Yu-Dai Tsai, Youjia Wu, Sunny Vagnozzi, Luca Visinelli Asteroid “g−2” Experiments: New Fifth Force and Ultralight Dark Sector Tests
LCTP-21-18 Youjia Wu,, Sebastian Baum, Katherine Freese, Luca Visinelli,  Hai-Bo Yu Dark Stars Powered by Self-Interacting Dark Matter
LCTP-21-19 S. Sivertsson,  J. I. Read, H. Silverwood, P. F. de Salas, K. Malhan, A. Widmark, C. F. P. Laporte, S. Garbari, K. Freese Estimating the local dark matter density in a non-axisymmetric wobbling disc
LCTP-21-20 Junho Hong The topologically twisted index of N=4 SU(N) Super-Yang-Mills theory and a black hole Farey tail
LCTP-21-21 Marina David, James Liu T-duality and hints of generalized geometry in string $\alpha'$ corrections
LCTP-21-22 Nizar Ezroura, Finn Larsen, Zhihan Liu, Yangwenxiao Zeng The Phase Diagram of BPS Black Holes in AdS$_5$
LCTP-21-23 Mattia Cesaro, Gabriel Larios, Oscar Varela The spectrum of marginally-deformed ${\cal N} = 2$ CFTs with AdS$_4$ S-fold duals of type IIB
LCTP-21-24 Fatemeh Elahi, Gilly Elor, Robert McGehee Charged B Mesogenesis
LCTP-21-25 Raymond T. Co, Keisuke Harigaya, Zachary Johnson, and Aaron Pierce R Parity Violation Axiogenesis
LCTP-21-26 Gilly Elor, Robert McGehee, Aaron Pierce Maximizing Direct Detection with HYPER Dark Matter
LCTP-21-27  Fabio Apruzzi, G. Bruno De Luca, Gabriele Lo Monaco, Christoph Uhlemann Non-supersymmetric AdS$_6$ and the swampland
LCTP-21-28 Camille Eloy, Gabriel Larios and Henning Samtleben Triality and the consistent reductions on AdS$_3\times S^3$