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  1. Past Publications
Preprint Number Author(s) Title
LCTP-23-01 Alan Shih-Kuan Chen, Henriette Elvang, and Aidan Herderschee Bootstrapping the String KLT Kernel
LCTP-23-02 Diego H. Correa, Alberto T. Faraggi, Wolfgang Mueck, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Guillermo A. Silva Beyond AdS2/dCFT1: Insertions in Two Wilson Loops
LCTP-23-03 Nhat-Minh Nguyen, Dragan Huterer, Yuewei Wen Evidence for suppression of structure growth in the concordance cosmological model
LCTP-23-04 Aidan Herderschee, Radu Roiban, and Fei Teng The Sub-Leading Scattering Waveform from
LCTP-23-05 Yuewei Wen, Nhat-Minh Nguyen, Dragan Huterer Sweeping Horndeski Canvas: New Growth-Rate Parameterization for Modified-Gravity Theories
LCTP-23-06 Antonio Amariti, Jun Nian, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas, Alessia Segati 2D Effective Field Theories from 3D A-Twisted Partition Functions and a Cardy-like Formula
LCTP-23-07 Evan Deddo, James T. Liu, Leopoldo A. Pando Zayas and Robert J. Saskowski c-functions in Higher-derivative Flows Across Dimensions
LCTP-23-08 Enrico Specogna, Eleonora Di Valentino, Jackson Levi Said, Nhat-Minh Nguyen Exploring the Growth Index γL: Insights from Different CMB Dataset Combinations and Approaches
LCTP-23-09 Marina David, Nizar Ezroura, Finn Larsen The Attractor Flow for AdS5 Black Holes in N = 2 Gauged Supergravity
LCTP-23-10 Keisuke Harigaya, Evan Petrosky, Aaron Pierce Precision Electroweak Tensions and a Dark Photon
LCTP-23-11 James T. Liu and Robert J. Saskowski Consistent truncations in higher derivative supergravity
LCTP-23-12 Dragan Huterer Growth of Cosmic Structure
LCTP-23-13 Dragan Huterer and Hao-Yi Wu Not empty enough: a local void cannot solve the H_0 tension
LCTP-23-14 James T. Liu, Robert J. Saskowski Rounding out the story of higher derivative consistent truncations
LCTP-23-15 Justin Berman, Henriette Elvang, Aidan Herderschee Flattening of the EFT-Hedron: Supersymmetric Positivity Bounds and the Search for String Theory
LCTP-23-16 Nick Geiser The Baker-Coon-Romans N -point amplitude and an exact field theory limit of the Coon amplitude