The Latina/o Studies Program is accepting applications for our graduate certificate in Latina/o Studies. Our certificate requirements have changed: it now requires 12 credits or 9 credits plus an experiential activity equivalent to 3 credits.

Applicants will be evaluated by the Latina/o Studies Advisory Committee based on their preparation for, commitment to, and understanding of Latina/o Studies as evidenced in their letter of application, coursework plan, and letter of recommendation. Prime consideration will be given to those graduate students with strong academic records who anticipate integrating Latina/o Studies methods and topics into their future research and professional pursuits. 

Students who wish to enter the Program must submit an application including:

  • A letter of application that explains the student’s interest in the program, background in Latina/o Studies, and other relevant preparation (for example, coursework that demonstrates an interest or research focus in Latina/o communities)
  • A list of proposed courses that will fulfill the program requirements
  • A current transcript demonstrating that the student has maintained at least a “B” average at his or her graduate or professional school (or at his or her undergraduate institution for entering students)
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty sponsor

Additional information available here!

NEW 2014 DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 19.