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Latina/o Studies Minor

The academic minor in Latina/o Studies is intended for students who wish to develop a coherent understanding of the contributions of the Latina/o presence in American culture, history, and society. A primary objective of our minor is to engage students in a variety of disciplinary approaches to the study of U.S.-Latina/os as well as to introduce them to the central intellectual questions and topics that have emerged in this field of inquiry. A minor in Latina/o Studies would supplement concentrations in traditional humanities and social science disciplines by providing content knowledge of Latina/o communities. Students should meet with the Director of the Latina/o Studies Program to discuss their academic plans.

Core Components

Effective Fall 2018


A minor in Latina/o American Studies is not open to students with a Latina/o Studies major or any minor in the Department of American Culture.


Students can set up advising appointments for any of the program's major or minor plans by visiting




Minimum Credits: 15

  • Latina/o Studies Core: LATINOAM 213 / AMCULT 213: Introduction to Latina/o Studies. (must be taken for a letter grade).
  • Students will select 4 courses (12 credit hours) from regularly taught Latina/o Studies Courses:

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 103: First Year Seminar in Latina/o Studies

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 204: Themes in Latina/o Studies

                                    RCLANG 204 - Spanish Language Internship Project

                                    SOC 225 – Project Community*

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 226: The Latin Tinge 

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 243/WOMENSTD 243: Latinas in the U.S.

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 301: Topics in Latina/o Studies

                                    RCCORE 301- Community-Based Internship - Semester in Detroit*

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 304: American Immigration 

                                    RCLANG 304 - PALMA: Spanish in the Community

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 310 - Latina/o Studies and the Social Sciences

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 311: Latina/o Studies in the Humanities

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 313: Cuba and its Diaspora 

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 315/HISTORY 377: History of Latinos in the U.S.

                                    AMCULT 321/ PSYCH 325  - Practicum in the Multicultural Community*

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 327/ENGLISH 387: Latina/o Literature of the U.S.

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 361 - Principles and Practices of Teaching ESL in Migrant                                                          Communities

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 380: Studies in Transnational Media 

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 381/SAC 381: Latina/os and the Media

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 385 - Immigration Law: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Issues

                                    AMCULT 388 or 425: Field Study*

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 389 - Reading Course in Latina/o Studies

                                    EDUC 390/ RCSSCI 390 - Community-Engaged Learning in ESL Teaching Contexts*

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 405: Topics in Latina/o Studies 

                                    LATINOAM/AMCULT 420: Latin American and Latina/o Film Studies 

                                    LATINOAM/SPANISH 440: Literature & Culture of the Borderlands  

                                    SPANISH 428 – Internship in Spanish

                                    POLSCI 489 – Politics of Latinidad

  • Exceptions & substitutions may be approved in consultation with an advisor.