Congratulations to U-M undergrads Antonina Kilian and Ansley Wunderlich, who received a blue ribbon at the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Spring Research Symposium for their work with Kelsey Research Scientist Laura Motta on botanical materials from the archaeological site of Gabii.

Over the course of two semesters, Antonina and Ansley analyzed charred seeds and other botanical remains from Gabii in the Kelsey Museum Bioarchaeology Lab. They then sorted, categorized, labeled, and entered the data into a spreadsheet for further analysis. 

Gabii was one of the first urban centers in central Italy. Through the study of botanical remains from the site and the contexts in which they were found, researchers hope to reconstruct not only the diet of ancient Romans but also their agricultural practices and cultural preferences.

Watch "From Seed to Society," a short video presentation about Anonina and Ansley's UROP project.