2018 History Honors Cohort. Left to right, front row: Margaret Johnson, Melissa Neal, Laura Marsh, Julia Kropa, Thalia Chrysanthis, Kendall Lehmann, Natalie Kozak; middle row: Cayla Palmer, Colleen Harrison, Joshua Hasler, Jacob Margolies, Jared Kunkel, Rohin K. Patel; back row: Pamela Ballinger, Jay Dutcher, Noah McCarthy, Youshi "Joshua" Zhang, Zaryff Razali, Reine Patterson, Keisuke Ozeki. Not pictured: Levi Teitel. (Photo: Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

Twenty graduating seniors presented their theses at the Department of History's Honors Symposium on April 27, 2018. Students delivered brief presentations of their original research, and Professor Pamela Ballinger presented the following awards on behalf of the History Department:

  • Arthur Fondiler Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis: Joshua Hasler (first); Levi Teitel (second)
  • John A. Williams History Award: Melissa Neal
  • Stephen J. Tonsor History of Ideas Undergraduate Honors Award: Thalia Maria Chrysanthis
  • Stephen J. Tonsor Best Oral Presentation of Thesis Award: Laura Marsh, Noah McCarthy
  • Elizabeth Sargent Lee Medical History Prize: Cayla Rose Palmer
  • James A. Knight Scholarships in History: Margaret Johnson, Julia Kropa, Jared Kunkel, Kendall Lynn Lehmann

Prior to the symposium, the LSA Honors Program made the following awards:

  • Virginia L. Voss Memorial Award: Melissa Neal (recognizing excellence in writing by Senior Honors women)
  • Terrence J. McDonald Prize for Archival Research: Joshua Hasler

View a list of this year's thesis topics or link to the 2018 Honors Symposium Program (PDF). Selected photos are available below. Please contact hist.outreach@umich.edu for a complete gallery of high-resolution photos of this event.