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Friday, January 27, 2017

1:00-5:00 Rackham East Conference Room, Fourth Floor

1:00-1:10 ― Registration

1:10-1:15 ― Welcome

1:15-1:20 ― Keynote Introduction
Prof. Kerstin Barndt

1:20-3:00 ― Opening Keynote Lecture
Helmut Lethen, Professor, Universität Wien
Sachlich till his Dying Breath: The Habitus of Prussian Finance Minister Johannes Popitz

3:00-3:20 ― Break

3:20-5:00 ― Panel 1
Panel Introduction Lauren Beck, PhD Student, University of Michigan

3:25-3:45 ― John Maciuika, Associate Professor, Baruch College
The Arc of Sachlichkeit in Wilhelmine Architecture, Arts, and Crafts

3:45-4:05 ― Ross Etherton, PhD Candidate, University of Colorado Boulder
Visions of Sachlichkeit in Bernhard Kellermann’s Der Tunnel (1913)

4:05-4:25 ― Katy Holihan, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
Harnessing the Feedback Loop: Sachlich Revisions of the Hygiene Exhibit “Der Mensch”

4:25-4:55 ― Discussion

5:30-7:30 ― Participant Reception Dinner
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 434 State Street

Saturday, January 28, 2017

9:00-5:15 Rackham Earl Lewis Room, Third Floor

9:10-9:15 ― Short Welcome

9:15-10:50 ― Panel 2
Panel Introduction Kristin Schroeder, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

9:20-9:40 ― Alice Goff, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Society of Fellows
Die alte Sachlichkeit: Biedermeier Painting in 1920s Berlin

9:40-10:00 ― Shannon Connelly, Director of Development at Lebanese American University, PhD Art History Rutgers University
Georg Scholz’s Plakatmäßigkeit: The Politics of Objectivity in Baden, 1920-25

10:00-10:20 ― Erin Sullivan Maynes, Hoehn Curatorial Fellow for Prints at the University of San Diego, PhD Art History University of Southern California
Doppelgängers of Inflation: Shadows, Doubles, and Counterfeits

10:20-10:50 ― Discussion

10:50-11:05 ― Break

11:05-12:40 ― Panel 3
Panel Introduction Vishal Khandelwal, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

11:10-11:30 ― Elizabeth Otto, Associate Professor, Executive Director of the Humanities Institute, SUNY Buffalo
Sachlichkeit, the Bauhaus, and the New-Woman Constructor

11:30-11:50 ― Kristin Schroeder, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
A Material Style: Neue Sachlichkeit and Lilly Reich’s Café Samt und Seide (1927)

11:50-12:10 ― Hannah McMurray, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan
Neue Sachlichkeit/Neue Typographie: Kurt Schwitters and the 1929 ‘Neue Typographie’ Exhibition

12:10-12:40 ― Discussion

12:40-1:40 ― Lunch

1:40-3:20 ― Interdisciplinary Faculty Panel
Panel Introduction Professor Geoff Eley

1:50-2:05 ― Associate Professor Kerstin Barndt, German Studies

2:05-2:20 ― Professor Alex Potts, History of Art

2:20-2:35 ― Associate Professor Claire Zimmerman, Art History and Architecture

2:35-2:50 ― Professor Kathleen Canning, History, German, and Women’s Studies

2:50-3:20 ― Discussion

3:20-3:35 ― Break

3:35-5:15 ― Closing Keynote
Introduction Katy Holihan, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

3:45-4:45 ― Daniel Magilow, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Objects and Things: Albert Renger-Patzsch’s Photography of Interruption

4:45-5:15 ― Discussion

Closing Remarks

Punch & Hors d’Oeuvres

Co-sponsored by the Germanic Languages and Literatures Department and the Department of the History of Art with support from the Departments of History and Comparative Literature, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Museum Studies Program, Center for European Studies, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, LSA, Rackham, the Institute for the Humanities, the International Institute, and the European History Workshop