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Creative Writing Thesis Archive

2016 - Present
Name Year Title
Brice, Meg 2024 In Conversation with a Madwoman
Brown, Shelby 2024 Pages of Spellwork and Sin
Cowley, Savanna 2024 Knowing Nothing and Everything
Devereaux, Hannah 2024 this isn't for you
Groth, Jillian 2024 Red Farm Murder House
Horjus, Esther 2024 Shining Tooth of the Underworld
Jenkins, Shelby 2024 Death Did Us Part
Jennings, Michele 2024 American Heir
Khan, Zainab 2024 Housekeeping, and Other Stories
Krippner, George 2024 Musings of a Gossip
Lareau, Maggie 2024 Afterbirth: Three Stories
Magana, Nico 2024 End of Summer
McCullough, Alex 2024 Motion Sickness
Metcalf, Grace 2024 Journeying Sideways
Robison, Yanna 2024 Antartica Blooms
Schaller, Martha 2024 Poetry Prompts for the Pastor's Oldest Daughter
Steenhagen, Hannah 2024 Between
Stout, Austin 2024 The Purgatory Trials
Tooley, Nicole 2024 Tuned to Migration
Uzzaman, Roma 2024 Catalog for Girls Who, Like Me, Are Losing Time
Alasady, Jamila 2023 Ordinary Love
Devlin, Beth 2023 through my sight, in this light
Fabbri, Grace 2023 Roman Candle
Ferrante, Emilia 2023 Misery Party: Poems
Fiori, Francisco 2023 The Heroes
Good, Jenna Lynn 2023 Butterly in the Infinitude of Your Mouth
Knight, Caroline 2023 Rainbow Trout, Mimic
Kwon, Jessica 2023 Minor Offenses
Liu, Steve 2023 Practicing
Rossiter, Nikki 2023 A House Is Not a Home: An Anthology of Horror
Sahijdak, Clare 2023 Side by Side
Sbisa, John 2023 You Have To Do Something
Thorp, Taylor 2023 Shaking Time
Welsh, Jack 2023 From Heaven You Made  a Place: A Novel (Part I)
Ahrens, Michael 2022 Rat King
Alkadhim, Hussein 2022 Homer's Last Hymn
Dagher, Hiba 2022 Our String of Mothers
Derieux Cerezo, Alejandro 2022 Open Hand, Palm Up, Grasping
Fox, Kaitlyn 2022 from michigan, with love
Hummer, Peter 2022 Thank you, and good morning
Iyer, Rachna 2022 Golden Lotus, Fierce Flame
Klotz, Harper 2022 Era of the Herbivore
Marani, Kristen 2022 Breathing Water
Panahi, Anisa 2022 Deliria: A Novel (Part 1)
Ramprasad, Neya 2022 Indian Histrocial Fiction and Fantasy: Beholden and Bommarillu
Saperstein, Samuel 2022 Brief Confrontations with the Momentous
Trame, Katherine 2022 A Disappearing Hand
Bernard,  Alex 2016 Formaldehyde
Choi,  Stephanie 2016 Before You Exit
Gao,  Gavin 2016 Sail on
Jehl,  Eugene 2016 Persisting Past
Koltun,  Moe 2016 Circling the Drain
Lynch,  John 2016 Laughing-Like
Michels,  Marie 2016 Pope Joan
Rattanni,  Meghan 2016 Fever Dream
Sterling,  Holly 2016 Evidence of Loss
Wang,  Jenny 2016 The Strongest Shape
Wright,  Ally 2016 Nothingless
2011 - 2015
Name Year Title
Abdul-Muqit,  Yasin 2015 Stealing Wishes: Stories
Bowie,  Cody Rose 2015 No Trespassing and Other Stories
Denver,  Leela 2015 Upon Returning
Duan,  Carlina 2015 Here I Go
Miller,  Andrew 2015 Decent People
Nestor,  Erika 2015 NIGHTDRIVE
Page,  Nikki Blue 2015 It Was a Normal Day
Radwin,  Maxwell 2015 Man of Light
Roth,  Juliana 2015 Time Away
Wais,  Marissa 2015 Raw Material
Zhao,  Lucy 2015 Cadenza
Alpern,  Elliot 2014 Come In Under the Shadow: A Collection of Stories
Cook,  (Michael) Everett 2014 His Final Project: A Collection of Short Stories
Lakkis,  Tammy 2014 The Space Between Eye Contact
Misek,  Drake 2014 From Sea to Shining Sea: A Short Story Collection
Moore,  Emily 2014 Live
Nuechterlein,  Nicholas 2014 Walking Up and Down in It
Pedraza,  Miguel 2014 Musings
Postelli,  Olivia 2014 Our Names Do Not Appear
Rosenbaum,  Jonah 2014 Adventures with Harriet Tubman and Other Short Stories
Sipovic,  Jaclyn 2014 Upside Down Eyes: A Collection of Stories
Steen,  Katie 2014 3
Torres,  Hannah 2014 clockwork prayer
Utter III,  Edward 2014 The Things We've Gained: An Exploration of Loss
Barrett,  Emmi Jane 2013 The Proceedings: Collected Poems and Hermit Advertisemenets
Beaton,  Kathryn 2013 Mercied and Other Stories
Branson,  Max 2013 The Lowest Deep
Buckner,  Mark 2013 IRL is Dead
Charara,  Laya Khaled 2013 Ode to Comma Splices and Pomegranate Trees: Narratives o fa Lebanese Immigrant
Duval,  Joshua 2013 Who You Are When You're At Home
Emmendorfer,  Jordan 2013 You're Never Old Enough
Felten,  Derek 2013 First-Footing
Guro,  Paula 2013 One Fish, Two Fish and Other Stories
Kiesel,  Caitlin 2013 Above the House of Venom and Grace
Pollock,  Mattew 2013 How to Grow Up: A Collection of Short Fiction
Rzeznik,  Leslie 2013 Ghostling
Sahagian,  Jacqui 2013 Hooked
Williams,  K.D. 2013 Another Way to Tomorrow
Armstrong Jr.,  Martin 2012 Bound Sadly Home
Bicknell,  Heather 2012 I Breathe with a Hiss: Poems for a Body
Davidov,  Abram 2012 The Problems that Haunt Us: Fictions of the Human Condition
DeWitt,  Michelle 2012 At a Loss for Words
Dimeff,  Alex 2012 Meanwhile
Gittleson,  Casey 2012 God Appointed a Worm
Henke,  Sam 2012 Daring the Yellow Light: Collected Poetry
Hickey,  Tom 2012 Borders
Kunjummen,  Sarah 2012 Traces
Morgan,  Clairissa 2012 The Elephant in the Room and other stories
Morris,  Emily 2012 Facades
Choudhury,  Nadia S. 2011 Hema’s Smile
Crawford,  Zack 2011 The Valley Below: Poetry
Hager,  Eli 2011 Songs
Henrichs,  Katherine 2011 The Fifth Weapon
Janes,  Perry 2011 Transmissions from Detroit
Lapin,  Andrew 2011 Our Esteemed Filmmaker: A Novella
McHenry,  Sean 2011 You’d Make a Great Crater on the Face of a Moon
Olenzek,  Elizabeth 2011 The Lakes We are In
Peters,  Allison Leigh 2011 Coffee/Breaks
Racine,  Carolyn 2011 The Yearly Calling of Wildfires
Rajeshwar,  Freya 2011 Hewitt and Lowe: Part I of a Novel
Safipour,  Noveed Leon 2011 I Brought All the Flies to Your Funeral: A Collection of Five Short Stories
2006 - 2010
Name Year Title
Arthur,  Jillian 2010 Moments of Brush Fire
Braddock,  Kellen R. 2010 Vin Aigrette: House of Brine Poems
Gumbiner,  Tali 2010 Somehow Still in Transit: A Collection of Short Stories
Marston,  Alex 2010 TRANSITS: A Novel-in-Progress
Rajeshwar,  Freya 2010 First Wave: And Other Stories
Riemenschneider,  Jennifer 2010 Down Into Gone
Rutishauser,  Amanda 2010 blue
Seromik,  Natalie A. 2010 Cuentos del Norte: A Collection of Stories
Witt,  J. Preston 2010 When a Bear Finds a Boy
Yribar,  Nick 2010 The Getaway Driver: Three Stories
Bowman,  Mira 2009 A/S/L: A novella and poems
Dorer,  Sara 2009 The Space Around Them
Emery,  Matthew 2009 Being Elsewhere: A collection of short fiction
Gordon-Loebl,  Naomi 2009 Definitely Not Batman
Grekin,  Emily 2009 Suspended: A Collection of Short Stories
Imam,  LIana 2009 other rooms & doorways
Keller,  Jordan 2009 Chasing Constellations
Moore,  Martine 2009 Close and other stories
Shafer,  Rebecca 2009 Games Children Play
Smith,  Shaelyn 2009 TOO YOUNG TO BE FERTILE
Sweetman,  Marie 2009 Beauty Where it Shouldn't Be
Walbridge,  Lauren 2009 NOW I AM OLDER
Zellers,  Michelle 2009 Skin
Beamer,  Christine 2008 Listening to Music: Nineteenth Century Intersections between Music
Bruce,  Amanda 2008 The God of Sleep: Stories and a Beginning
Kennedy-Gebhart,  Ariel 2008 Sea Glass: Poems
Li,  Mary 2008 The Silkworm and the Moth: Short Stories and Poems
Luke,  Carrie 2008 Phantom Eat Phantom: Poems
Menter,  James 2008 Welcome Home the Wanderer
Mittendorf,  Erin 2008 I Think That Was Me: A Collection of Short Fiction
Plaxco,  Lee 2008 Last Days in Brigadoon
Reyna,  Jennifer 2008 Hands Down: A Collection of Poems adn Stories
Rossen,  Jordan 2008 Life-Is-Awful Humor: Stories and Poems
Segal,  Jana 2008 Babyface
Song,  Chia-Chia 2008 Cat on the Moon: A Novel
Varnau,  Mary Kate 2008 Yolk
Vella,  Lindsay 2008 The Darklings: Poems
Dolan,  Shaun Daniel 2007 Still Listening
Harkai,  Rachel 2007 In Danger: Poems
Herakovic,  Chloe 2007 Silent Spaces And Other Short Stories
Jones,  Meredith Leigh 2007 The Laundress and Other Stories
Kelly,  Bryan Nelson 2007 The Victors
Lee,  Marshall Walker 2007 bare necessities [a novella]
McGarvey,  Evan 2007 The Golden Horde Crosses The Endless Plain of Fortune: Poems
Morgenstern-Clarren,  Rachel 2007 Mason Jars & Other Poems
Northenscold,  Kirstin 2007 Cold Spaces
Sala,  Sarah 2007 A Memory for Dorothy: A Collection of Poems
Shook,  Melissa A. 2007 Cosas Encontradas--- Iberia & Beyond
Strauss,  Tania 2007 The Still Unfamiliar Night: Poems
Adams,  Rebecca 2006 Mash Notes
Danz,  Carlin 2006 The Last Flight of the Waxwing
Gariepy,  Lauren 2006 three variations in the key of relationship
Gelzer,  Matthew 2006 Adam Counted on His Fingers: In Series of Greater Complexity
Graham,  Adam 2006 Between the Here and The Gone
Hedin,  Michael 2006 Night Vision
Hudak,  Rachael 2006 The Taste of Iron and Soap
Jory,  Ryan 2006 Sacred Rites For Suburbanites
LeDuc,  Margaret 2006 Dream Travelers
Lentz,  Lauren Hanna 2006 Rabbit Hunting: A Game For Ages Ten and Up
McTaggart,  Claire 2006 Jukebox
Ruud,  Amanda 2006 A Blessing in Smoke
Schoem,  Adina 2006 Harbinger
Taylor,  Dylan 2006 Northern Life
2000 - 2005
Name Year Title
Dunlap,  Will 2005 The Solitude of Morton Grier
Frank-Lehrer,  Nik 2005 FIRETRUCKS AND FAIRY-DUST: How to Be an American When You Grow Up
Hawley,  Joe 2005 WHO SHOT UNCLE DAN? and other quandries
Holtzman,  Hannah 2005 How to Set a House on Fire
Kline,  Andrew 2005 The Sleeping Wheel
Pickell,  Jeff 2005 Mr. Cowell in Hell
Reges,  Margaret 2005 Dandelion Queen
Ryan,  Meg 2005 Trading in the Rototiller
Thornburg,  Ann Marie 2005 Where It Still Snows
Vahratian,  Mara 2005 The Shifty History
Willis,  Morgan Mann 2005 Desperation
Wisniewski,  Thomas 2005 La Catanese & Other Stories
Wood,  Lisa 2005 Snow Over Stockholm
Boudouris,  Kathryn 2004 The Old Music: Five Stories
Dabrowski,  Steven 2004 Howls Howls Howls Howls Howls
Dembrowski,  Jillian 2004 A Collection of Short Stories
Henretty,  Aubrey 2004 Backward Lies
Isenberg,  Rebecca 2004 Blind Fish and Other Stories
Lensch,  Gabrielle M. 2004 Home
McDermott,  Theodore 2004 Flipbook: Stories
Mostov,  Rebecca 2004 Not Quite Dawn
Nett,  Eric 2004 Should I Sing Another One?
Plastrik,  David 2004 The Grand Silence
Rubin,  Sarah 2004 Moving Toward the Sun
Tanury,  David James 2004 Drinking Ishmael
Wu,  Joyce 2004 Blond Ambition: The Complexities of WASP Envy in Phillip Roth's Novels
Austern,  David 2003 A Body At Rest Stays At Rest
Bernard,  Marie 2003 You Were Being Normal: Short Stories
Chrysler,  Rebecca 2003 The Three Mysteries
Frost,  Amanda 2003 Pangea
Gross,  Joshua 2003 Five Stories
Jennings,  Michael Fisher 2003 A Hundred Things to Remember
Matti,  Nicole 2003 Beginnings
Milkovich,  Kaden 2003 Between Landings: A Collection of Short Stories
Rutledge,  Andy 2003 Boomerang
Cady,  Amanda 2002 Beneath the Floor: A Collection of Short Stories
Cox,  John M. 2002 The Elements of Fiction
Desai,  Manan 2002 Follow the Drum
Hess,  Kelly 2002 Heronie: Five Chapters of a Novel
Madsen,  Corey 2002 Ward Branch: A Short Story Collection
Mather,  Emily 2002 Our Stories: A Collection of Short Fiction About Women and Girls
Rollow,  Jake 2002 Ask The Voices
Strand,  Carrie 2002 A Face Undone
Strausz,  Jennifer 2002 Night Train From Moscow
Tebeau,  Timothy 2002 Headwaters
Waterbury,  Jennifer Lee 2002 Come Down From the Clouds & Up Out of Deep Holes
Whipple,  Brian 2002 Home and Westing
Alpert,  Lindsay 2001 Being in the Out of the In: A thesis of self-discovery
Appleby,  Charles J. 2001 The Rising Action: My Lifes Preface
Chase,  Cara L. 2001 It Goes Like This: A Collection of Short Stories
Croissant,  Megan 2001 The Stories We Tell
Gerben,  Christopher 2001 The Frank & Poet Drain: Poems
Kass,  Alissia 2001 Carrying the Boy: Stories and Poems
Kim,  Lucia 2001 Interrogations of Us
Low,  Michael Alexander 2001 Yume No Hosomichi: Narrow Roads to Dream
Nicholls,  Kit 2001 Strip Show: Poems
Solomon,  Onna 2001 A Thousand Words: Poems
Stoy,  Kevin 2001 Fields
Taylor,  Mandy R. 2001 Breath and Release
Uhl,  John 2001 Like Pulling Teeth: Two Stories About Pets & Musicians (plus one)
Weinstein,  Sarah 2001 Leaf and Star: Collected Poems
Baker,  Sheldon 2000 Jokes and Gossip: 5 Short Stories
Barnes,  Regina 2000 Until He Comes
Burke,  Colleen 2000 Naked
Green,  Heather 2000 Nobody's Getting Saved Tonight
Heng,  Vanessa Mae-Chern 2000 The Informant and Other Stories
Hoffman,  Riley J. 2000 after leaving
Jones,  Melissa L. 2000 The Idiot Factory
Katz,  Jamie L. 2000 Fragmentary Flashes
Reed,  Anthony B. 2000 Daydreamer
Renstrom,  Joelle 2000 Whispers of Serendipity
Williams,  Katie 2000 Mouthful of Possibilities
1995 - 1999
Name Year Title
Beldo,  Sarah 1999 Creation Myths: Short Stories
Fischer,  Joshua 1999 sick on beautiful: Short Stories
Fletcher,  Joe 1999 The Trouble Birds: Poems
Ghose,  John Shantanu 1999 Blind Spots: Short Stories
Hwang,  Tae Hee 1999 Fumbling through Time
Johnson,  William 1999 Another Life
Kenny,  Melanie 1999 Pattern for an Apple Skin Dress: Poems
Knuth,  Aric 1999 45th Parallel: Short Stories
Latimer,  Hope 1999 The Bride Stripped Bare
Polteratis,  Saulius 1999 Crashing on Autopilot: Short Stories
Spindler,  Cara 1999 Geomancy: Poems
Stachura,  Colleen T. 1999 Entering Thunder: Poems
Swanson,  Fritz Garner 1999 Conquering Fathers: Short Stories
Tiderington,  Brie 1999 Teh Empty Country
Van Dis,  Katherine 1999 Underpinnings: Short Stories
Apple,  Sam 1998 Monkey Jungle: A Collection of Stories
Cook,  Diane 1998 Where We're Going: Short Stories
Galligan,  Erin 1998 The Myth of Lines: Poems
Giancamilli,  Vanessa E. 1998 What Beautiful Is and other short stories
Jones,  Kari 1998 The Last Drag: A Collection of Short Stories
Jones,  Maggie 1998 fine china tune: Selected Poems and Stories
Kirk,  Jason 1998 Pictures at an Exhibition: Poems
Koukhab,  Michelle 1998 How to Relax after Saving the World: A Collection of Poems
Nathan,  Emily 1998 Our Couch is Green: Poems
Pipski,  Daniel J. 1998 Eating Softly: An excerpt from a novel
Wilson,  James Matthew 1998 After the Passion & Other Stories
Winner,  Elly Zoe 1998 Supple Armors: Poems
Bakopoulos,  Dean 1997 Please Don’t Come Back From the Moon
Barron,  Paul 1997 Unusual Property: Short Stories
Chamberlin,  Jeremiah 1997 Conditions
Citrin,  William 1997 Brushfire and Revelation
Kempton,  Chris 1997 What You Pass Along and four more stories
Miller,  Jennifer E. 1997 Familiar Distances
Nelson,  Laura Kristine 1997 Cedar Creek Revelations And other big days in small towns
Prior,  Katerie 1997 Cupid Chastised and Other Stories
Smith,  Gordon L. 1997 Passion is Good For You
Smith,  Jessica Belle 1997 Exchanging Vantage: A Collection of Poems
Switalski,  Mary Elizabeth 1997 Paying For It Simply
Talpos,  Sara 1997 The Distance In-Between
Ziobro,  Beth 1997 Rowing Alone: A Collection of Short Stories
Biddinger,  Mary Catherine 1996 Teen Guide to Homemaking
Bochan,  Toby Leah 1996 The Marraige Dance & Touch: Two Plays
Jaleel,  Rana 1996 The Pleasure of the Wound
Levine,  Rasheena 1996 The Fisherman's Daughter
Lont,  Steven 1996 The Mist of Manitou Lake and Other Stories
Nguyen,  Bich Minh 1996 Premonition of Silence
Rothbart,  David I. 1996 Bats Right
Sayman,  Inci 1996 The Sword and Other Stories
Shadoian,  Jessica 1996 Fat Cat From Back East
Thorburn,  Matthew 1996 The Philosopher's Toothache
Basford,  Douglas 1995 Some Machine
Bowen,  James 1995 Dragging the Antelope
Civil,  Gabrielle 1995 girlheart
Crowe,  LaShawnda 1995 A Bitter Taste of Woman: Tales from the Inside
Eisner,  Mark 1995 Apostolate Nation Universal
Gipson,  Colin 1995 Confession
Guiser,  Jacob 1995 Things That Can't Be Said - Shh!
Hamburger,  Aaron 1995 Minor Threat: Three short stories from the Sexual Continuum
Noble,  Randon Billings 1995 When You're Not Here
Obeid,  Donna 1995 Rubber trees and funeral buses: a collection of short stories
Olender,  Marc David 1995 Sojourners and Transients
Robinson,  Charlotte 1995 Outward Progression
Rosowski,  Judi 1995 Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Solomon,  Cara Jill 1995 Walking the Fine Line
Zaske,  Sara 1995 Fourt Stories From Someweir