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Research Thesis Archive

2023 - Present

Name Year Title Document
Bishop, Hunter 2024 Eat, Play, Love: Video Game Food as a Site of Cultural Meaning-Forming Bishop
Carter, Audrey 2024 From Alison to Alvita: Bad Feminism, Amateur Medievalism, and the Legacy of  the Wife of Bath in Zadie Smith’s The Wife of Willesden Carter
Edmunds, Amy 2024 Revamping The Gaze: How Twilight Hosts the Conditions for Female Spectatorship Edmunds
Gordon, Adelaide 2024 When (Jewish) in Italy: Bernard Malamud’s Redefining of the “Schemiel” in Pictures of Fidelman Gordon
Hughey, Caden 2024 The Human Remains: Paradox, Projection, and Preservation in Philip K. Dick Hughey
Nachazel, Anna 2024 Branding Sanderson: Fandom, Power, and the Business of Authorship Nachazel
Sinacola, Christiana 2024  Ashes to Ashes: Cinder and the remains of fairy tales Sinacola
Weiland, Kate 2024 Translating Love: Denaturalizing Motherhood, Daughterhood, and the Asian American Experience Weiland
Caban, Breanna 2023 Science Fiction and the Push Against Economic Determinism Caban Thesis.pdf
Caston, Sarah 2023 Pregnancy and Birth in Paradise Lost and Aurora Leigh Caston Thesis.pdf
Ferrante, Emilia 2023 When April's green no longer endures: Climate change and ecopoetry in the Anthropocene Ferrante Thesis.pdf
Fiori, Francisco 2023 Political Anxieties in the Land of the Free: Wrestling Towards Democratic Salvation in Tony Kushner's Angels in America Fiori Thesis.pdf
Howell, Ellie 2023 Children of the Apocolypse: Why Fictional Children Make Us Feel Better About the End of the World Howell Thesis.pdf
Huang, Cynthia 2023 A Thank You to My Ancestors(and Nothing Else?): An Ethnographic and Autoethnographic Analysis of Two Generations of Asian and Asian Americans and Their Desires, Values, and Perspectives on Freedom Huang Thesis.pdf
Kaminski, Rosa 2023 Intimacy and Icon: The Emergence of "The Personal" and the Endurance of Protest In and Beyond the Folk Revival Kaminski Thesis.pdf
Kulawiak, Olivia 2023 Raped by a Virgin: Construction of Race, Sex, and Sexuality in Richard Ligon's 1657 A True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados Kulawiak Thesis.pdf
Mallabo, Kristina 2023 Always Sensual, But Never The Self: Beyond the Objectification of Haruki Murakami's Female Characters Mallabo Thesis.pdf
Morgan, Rebecca 2023 "A Document in Madness:" Reading the Persistence of the Madwoman Through Her Appropriations Morgan Thesis.pdf
Nadelman, Allison 2023 "What is a Conversation?": Power Dynamics in Modes of Communication in Franny and Zooey and Conversations with Friends Nadelman Thesis.pdf
Neumann, Elijah 2023 The Virtual Field: Narrative Games and the Experience of Space Neumann Thesis.pdf
Rawn, Em 2023 "...Nothing of Woman in Me:" The King's Two Bodies and Gender Nonconformity in Antony and Cleopatra Rawn Thesis.pdf
Regueiro, Paz 2023 On Advocating Cannibalism and Eating Shit: Queer Monstrosity in the John Waters Canon Regueiro Thesis.pdf
Thorp, Taylor 2023 From Orlando to Ooloi: Gender Nonconformity and Queer Futurity in Sci-Fi Thorp Thesis.pdf
2021 - 2022
Name Year Title Document
Egan, Regina 2022 The Body Remembers: The Embodiment of Citizenship in the Visual-Textual Poetics of Citizen: An American Lyric Egan Thesis.pdf
Kobeissi, Yousef 2022 "Dominion Undeserved": the Development of John Milton's Anti-Monarchism Kobeissi Thesis.pdf
Kulie, Kathryn 2022 Reader, I Narrate: Self-Expression and Reader Address in Jane Eyre and Never Let Me Go Kulie Thesis.pdf
Moore, Nicholas 2022 The Prose of Life: Narrative, Knowledge, and the Everyday in the Works of Virginia Woolf Moore Thesis.pdf
Mulder, Katelynn 2022 The Monstrous and the Beautiful: Medieval Misogyny in The Lord of the Rings Mulder Thesis.pdf
Popp, Sidney 2022 "The Tyranny of Custom": Charlotte Lennox's Critiques of Eighteenth-Century English Gender Customs in Her Novels, Henrietta (1758) and Sophia (1762) Popp Thesis.pdf
Sorter, Stephanie 2022 Truth! Freedom! Justice! And A Joke! : Finding the Political in Pratchett Sorter Thesis.pdf
Danilewitz, Joel 2021 Un-Doing time: How Artists Subvert Carceral Space-Time Logics through Multimedia and Writing Danilewitz Thesis.pdf
Fisher, Benjamin 2021 The Semiotic Sidequest: A Taxonomy of Poetics in Interactive Digital Narrative Fisher Thesis.pdf
Hematti, Neeloufar 2021 Decentering the 1979 Iranian Revolution: Trauma Theory as a Guide to Literature on Twentieth Century Iran Hematti Thesis.pdf
Martinez-Chavez, Angela Rubi 2021 El Movimiento de la Mujer Chicana: The Fight Against Sexism, Racism, and Oppression from Advocacy  Martinez-Chavez Thesis.pdf
Pollens-Dempsey, Micah 2021 Unbelievable Realism: The Impossible Narrators of Geroge Eliot Pollens-Dempsey Thesis.pdf
Taylor, Isabel 2021 Trouble in the Garden: Free Will and the Problem of Evil in Paradise Lost Taylor Thesis.pdf
Watkins, Michael 2021 Marx, Marcuse, Moten: Sensuous Materialism, Invisible Utopia, and Black Performance Watkins Thesis.pdf
Zrikem, Soraya 2021 Learning in the Shadow of 9/11: The Creation of a 'Better-Formed Story' in the Classroom Zrikem Thesis.pdf
2016 - 2020
Name Year Title Document
Arone, Rachel 2020 Love's Imagined Communities: Women's Interiority, Intimacy, and Agency in the Poetry of Katherine Philips and Aemilia Lanyer Arone Thesis.pdf
Baker, Adela 2020 "Anne Saved My Life": Conceptualizing Reading Characters as People Using Anne of Green Gables A. Baker Thesis.pdf
Baker, Jordyn 2020 "So, I Kept Reading": Re-Examining the Relationship Between Reading and Empathy with Stories from Death Row J. Baker Thesis.pdf
Francisco, Miriam 2020 The Implicated City: Architecture and Race in Jeffrey Eugenides's Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides Francisco Thesis.pdf
Greydanus, Emma 2020 A Return to Hospitality: The Role of the Hostess in Sarah Orne Jewett and Willa Cather's Literary Imaginations Greydanus Thesis.pdf
Hare, Dayton 2020 Samuel Beckett and the Politics of the Body: Voice, Violence, and the Algerian War in Comment c'est Hare Thesis.pdf
Kim, Monica 2020 No Human Is Illegal: Humanizing Immigrants Affected by Deportation and Detention in Three Young Adult Immigrant Novels Kim Thesis.pdf
McKnight, Kellyn 2020   McKnight Thesis.pdf
Nisenson, Sarah 2020 Can We Ever See Their Faces? An Exploration of Hurricane Katrina Memorializations Nisenson Thesis.pdf
Riesterer, Joseph 2020 Merging Modaliaties: Sonic Intertext and Diaspora Spacetime on Earl Swatshirt's Some Rap Songs Riesterer Thesis.pdf
Salman, Sarah 2020 The Popularity of the "Feminine Monster": The Malleability of the Female Gothic in Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca, "The Birds" and "Don't Look Now" Salman Thesis.pdf
Saraf, Krishna 2020 Exceptions Don't Make the Rules: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Language Behind Vaccine Hesistancy Saraf Thesis.pdf
Schwarz, Maxwell 2020 It is Grandeur and Warmth: Steinbeck, the American Schwarz Thesis.pdf
Todd, Kaitlyn 2020 Actors in the AIDS Crisis: A Network Analysis of Mainstream News Articles and Congressional Record Documents From the Early Years of the Epidemic (1981-1987) Todd Thesis.pdf
Yodhes, Matthew 2020 Persecutory Chaucer, Revelatory Chaucer: Mimetic Theory and the Double-Voiced Satire of "The Prioress's Tale" Yodhes Thesis.pdf
Anderson, Matthew 2019 "Am I a father? If I were?": Stephen Dedalus' Mixed Efforts to Redefine Fatherhood in “Scylla and Charybdis” Anderson Thesis.pdf
Issa, Ayah 2019 Gertrude Stein & Islamic Calligraphy: The Traditional Roots of Experimental Modernism Issa Thesis.pdf
Johnson, Lars 2019 A Dance with Deviants: The Sexual as Fantastic in A Song of Ice and Fire Johnson Thesis.pdf
Lefond, Julia 2019 “Words for Music Perhaps,” or Perhaps Not: Yeats’ Music in Shelley’s Adonais Lefond Thesis.pdf
Richter, Emma 2019 Literary Celebrity as Feminist Figure: Assessments of Twenty-First Century Feminism Through the Role of the Author Richter Thesis.pdf
Schaffer, Ellie 2019 Protecting the Bookshelf: Reading at the Intersection of Art and Morality Schaffer Thesis.pdf
Schubert, Kathryn 2019 “Time runs on, and I with it”: Age, Gender, and the Production of Elizabethan Monarchical Power Schubert Thesis.pdf
Stoneback, Stephanie 2019 “Women Usually Want to Please”: A Linguistic Analysis of Femininity and Power in Mad Men Stoneback Thesis.pdf
Theut, Kaela 2019 All That Summer She wasMad”: illuminating Virginia Woolf’s authorial agency using modern trauma studies Theut Thesis.pdf
Aaron, Lucy 2018

Dear Executive Recruiter

A Generic Exploration of Professional Email Anxiety

Aaron Thesis.pdf
Augustine, Ivyanne 2018 “We are among the ruins”: Regeneration and Social Spaces in Lady Chatterley’s Lover Augustine Thesis.pdf
Caramagno, Natalie 2018 The Power of the Clock: Time in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway Caramagno Thesis.pdf
El-amir, Zain 2018 From Chosen People to Irredeemable El-amir Thesis.pdf
Ellis, Hannah 2018 “Blow the Homeland Dream to Smithereens”: The Cooperation of Postmodernism and Modernism in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain Ellis Thesi.pdf
Fall, Sofia 2018 Becoming a Wilderness: Pre-National Placemaking and Narrative Confusion in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy Fall Thesis.pdf
Heinz, Kate 2018 The Space for Will: Suicide and the Reformation in Shakespeare’s      Heinz Thesis.pdf
Holbert, C.C. 2018 Narrativizing the History of South Texas: Representations of Resistance and Racial Identity in George Washington Gómez and Caballero Holbert Thesis.pdf
Kaler, Michael 2018

“Something Very Modern”:

Order and Mess in the Later Work of Anne Sexton

Kaler Thesis.pdf
Kamath, Sareena 2018 “A Sad and Terrible Thing” Diasporic Melancholia in Jhumpa Lahiri's Short Fiction: Selected Readings Kamath Thesis.pdf
Kaufman, Sophia 2018 “To Part the Veil”: Accessing Interiority in Toni Morrison’s Beloved Kaufman Thesis.pdf
Krajewski, Ethan 2018 Neg(oti)ating Fusion: Steely Dan’s Generic Irony Krajewski Thesis.pdf
McMillin, Maggie 2018 Locating This Other World: Toward an Intertextual Reading of Richard Wright’s Haiku Poetry McMillin Thesis.pdf
Promo, Erinn 2018 From the Stages to the Stasis of Grief: An Examination of the Didactic Mission of Elegy Promo Thesis.pdf
Ryan, G 2018 Is Everyone Queer Now? A Linguistic Investigation into the Reclamation of the Word Queer Ryan Thesis.pdf
Squatriti, Sofia 2018 Shocks of Recognition: Encounters with the Individual and the Crowd in Wordsworth’s Poetry Squatriti Thesis.pdf
Tase, Nikhil 2018 The Textual Laboratories of Marianne Moore Tase Thesis.pdf
Versalle, Mandy 2018 Reimagining Carson McCullers: A Queer Crip Analysis of the Literary Grotesque in Heart Versalle Thesis.pdf
Caywood, Hannah 2017 “Nelly, I am Heathcliff!”:
The Intersection of Class, Race, and Narration in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
Caywood Thesis.pdf
Engler, Hannah 2017 Poptimist Feminism:
Contemporary Women Reading Bridget Jones’ Diary
Engler Thesis.pdf
Hoban, Michelle 2017 “Molecules all change”:
Memory, Mutability, and Ulysses as Body-Mind in “Scylla and Charybdis”
Hoban Thesis.pdf
(National) Abjection as Literary and American Subjective Crises in Maxine Hong Kingston’s
The Woman Warrior
Li Thesis.pdf
Quorpencetta, Miclan 2017 A Life That A Breath Might Shatter:
The Politics of Poetry in Jean Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers
Quorpencetta Thesis.pdf
Raeder, Samantha 2017 Thoreau’s Biophilia:
The Influence of Hindu Scriptures on Walden’s Portrayal of Nature and the Divine
Raeder Thesis.pdf
Smith, Rebecca 2017 Fashioning Figures:
The Construction of the “Self” in Astrophil and Stella
Smith Thesis.pdf
Soheil, Keemia 2017 Táhirih, a Symbol of Progress:
Reading a nineteenth-century Iranian poet in the United States and England
Soheil Thesis.pdf
Wildenradt, Annika 2017 “A natural perspective, that is and that is not!”
Complicating Logics of Gender in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Twelfth Night
Wildenradt Thesis.pdf
Winnega, Brie 2017 Nurses of the Vietnam War Marginalized Protagonists and Narrative Authority Winnega Thesis.pdf
Batchelor, Kimberly 2016 Free Will and the Diminishing Importance of God's Will: A Study of Paradise Lost and Supernatural Batchelor Kimberly.pdf
Biggs, C.J. 2016 Environmental Relationships and Our Changing Nature: A Study of Hemingway's and Harrison's Northern Michigan Writings Biggs CJ.pdf
Burlage, Brian 2016 Walt Whitman: Death, the Afterlife, and His Poetry of Contact Burlage Brian.pdf
Coble, Audrey 2016 Complex Density: A Quantum Regionalist Reading of Midwestern Literature and Pop-Punk Coble Audrey.pdf
Horn, Rachel Marie 2016 "Personism" and Consumerism: Reading in O'Hara's Love and Lunch Poems Horn Rachel.pdf
Hua, Karen 2016 Beyond the Single Story: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Hua Karen.pdf
Lentz, Samantha Marie 2016 The Narrative of the American Dream: Evaluating the Impact of Horation Alger Jr. on America's Definition of Success Lentz Samantha.pdf
Rombes, Madeline 2016 PLAYING WITH POWER: Subjectivity and Subversion in the Poems of Emily Dickinson Rombes Madeline.pdf
Smith, Kayla C. 2016 The Diary as a Verbal and Visual Tool: Retelling Traumatic Experiences in Allison Bechdel's Fun Home and Phoebe Gloeckner's The Diary of a Teenage Girl Smith Kayla.pdf
Sulpizio, Catherine 2016 Repeating Yourself: Printing, (re)Production, and Poiesis in Blake's The Book of Urizen Sulpizio Catherine.pdf
Wharton, William 2016 Condemned: Reading the Footnotes in House of Leaves Wharton William-reduced.pdf
2011 - 2015
Name Year Title Document
Carpenter, Mikala 2015 Breaking In: Female Intelligence and Agency in British Children's Fantasy Literature CARPENTER M. Breaking In.pdf
Duan, Carlina 2015 The Space Between: An Analysis of Code-Switching within Asian American Poetry as Strategic Poetic Device DUAN C. The Space Between.pdf
Heeren, Maggie 2015 Career Anxiety's Involvement in Identity Formation: Analysis of Contemporary American Adolescent Literature HEEREN M. Career Anxiety.pdf
Paull, Emily 2015 Ann Batten Cristall and the Lyrical Sketch: The Influence of Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics on Lyric Performativity PAULL E. Ann Batten Cristall.pdf
Peters, Andrew 2015 Beyond Good and Bad: The Linguistic Construction of Walter White's Masculinity in Breaking Bad PETERS A. Beyond Good & Bad.pdf
Radwin, Maxwell 2015 Minimalism and the Aesthetic of Shame RADWIN M. Minimalism.pdf
Rohan, Sarah 2015 From Witness to Storyteller: Mapping the Transformations of Oral Holocaust Testimony Through Time ROHAN S. From Witness to Storyteller.pdf
Spencer, Kathryn 2015 Gendering the Poetic Nation: Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda as Chilean Icons SPENCER K. Gendering the Poetic Nation.pdf
Venchuk, Alicia Marie 2015 Mitigating the Marginalization of Women Blues Guitarists: An Analysis of Memphis Minnie's Proto-Feminism VENCHUK A. Mitigating Marginalization.pdf
Adams, Josephine 2014 "It Takes Two People to Make You": Understanding Sibling Relationships through the Intersection of Loss and Language in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying ADAMS It Take Two People.pdf
Axelrad, Jacob 2014 From Prose to Pictures The Evolution of James Agee and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men AXELRAD From Prose to Pictures.pdf
Darga, Jon Michael 2014 Tolkien's Women: The Medieval Modern in The Lord of the Rings DARGA Tolkiens Women.pdf
Davis, Eleanor 2014 The Pleasure of the Reader: Debating Art, Entertainment, and the Millenium Triology DAVIS The Pleasure of the Reader.pdf
Eckert, Claire 2014 Refashioning the Epic: An Analysis of Spenser's Breaks within The Faerie Queene ECKERT Refashioning the Epic.pdf
Fenyes, Eliana 2014 "For the Benefit of All" A study of the Innerpeffray Library and its place in the history of the Scottish Enlightenment FENYES For the Benefit of All.pdf
Gantman, Julia 2014 The Post Office, the Public Lecture and "Dejection: An Ode": Public Influences on Coleridge's Poetic Intimacy GANTMAN The Post Office.pdf
Gerondeau, Pierre 2014 More Than a Place: Regionalism and Setting in the Short Stories of Andre Dubus II GERONDEAU More than a Place.pdf
Jarik, Jacqueline 2014 Voices of Identity and Diagnosis An Analysis of Vocal Construction in Susanna Kaysen's Memoirs JARIK Voices of Identity.pdf
Kruse, Emma 2014 How We Must See: Into the Abstract Imaginings of Thomas Hardy's Wessex Poems and Other Verses KRUSE How We See.pdf
McWilliams, Robert 2014 Mapping the Web of Language in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas MCWILLIAMS Mapping the Web of Language.pdf
Paul, Trisha 2014 Untold Stories, Unheard Lives: A Study of How Adolescents with Cancer Create Selfhood through Narrative PAUL Untold Stories.pdf
Raphael, Alyson 2014 Defining a Nation of Readers: Late Nineteenth Century Reading Guides As Agents of Literary Nationalism in America RAPHAEL Defining a Nation.pdf
Tuck, Andrew 2014 Why Did American Psychiatry Abandon Psychoanalysis? Authority and the Production of Knowledge in Twentieth Century Science TUCK American Psychiatry.pdf
Walker, Samuel 2014 Made/Unmade: Pound, Benjamin, and Rubble WALKER Made Unmade.pdf
Weiner, Hannah 2014 The Authenticity of a Rapper: The Lyrical Divide Between Personas and Persons WEINER The Authenticity of a Rapper.pdf
Zaluzec, Ryan 2014 The Nascent Specter: Vision, Corporeality, Reproduction, and Modernity in Henry James and Photographic Theory ZALUZEC The Nascent Specter.pdf
Zilli, Anthony 2014 Vladimir Nabokov and the Reader's Game ZILLI Vladimir Nabokov.pdf
Acho, Kristyn 2013 Unveiling the Middle Eastern Memoir: Reconfiguring Images of Iranian Women Through Post-9/11 Memoirs ACHO Middle Eastern Memoir.pdf
Allen, Carmen 2013 Bonds that Unite are Bonds that Tie: Complications of Altruism and Imprisonment in Little Dorrit, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities ALLEN Bonds that Unite.pdf
Alsaden, Sarah 2013 Poetry as Reistance and Recovery: An Examination of Violence, Trauma, and Exile in the Poetry of Iraqis and American Veterans of the Iraq War ALSADEN Poetry as Resistance.pdf
Brehob, Emily 2013 Online Academics: The Wiki TV Tropes as a Community of Pseudo-Academic Producers BREHOB Online Academics.pdf
Caserta, Lauren 2013 Evolution of an Outbreak: Charting the Mainstream Print Media's Formation of Epidemiological, Social, and Political AIDS Discourse in the Absence and Reassertion of State Biopower CASERTA Evolution of an Outbreak.pdf
Cassidy, Benjamin 2013 Resurrecting Emerson: An Investigation of Self-Reliance's Presence in Society and Solitude CASSIDY Resurrecting Emerson.pdf
Cinti, Dylan 2013 Edgar Huntly is lost in the dark: Charles Brockden Brown and the ambivalent American Gothic CINTI Edgar Huntley is lost.pdf
DelBene, Kaitlyn 2013 The Contemplatif Life: Social and Political Sovereignty and Chaucer's Oxford Clerk DELBENE the Cotemplatif Life.pdf
Hansen, Trent 2013 Writing the Unreal: Authorship and Identity in Henry Darger's In the Realms of the Unreal HANSEN Writing the Unreal.pdf
Hummer, Katelyn 2013 The Green in White Noise: Consumption, Technology, and the Environment HUMMER The Green in White Noise.pdf
Kim, Joshua 2013 Pleasures of Horror: the Myth of the Modern and the Late Medieval Self KIM Pleasures of Horror.pdf
Lalley, Elizabeth 2013 "Thus, as I believe": Darwin's Presence as Proof in The Origin of Species LALLEY Thus I believe.pdf
Partamian, Laura 2013 Becoming a Virgin: The Rhetorical Development of Queen Elizabeth I PARTAMIAN Becoming a VirgiN.pdf
Torp, Laura 2013 "So Strange Things So Probably Told": Epistemic Consequences of Scientific Discourse in Lunar Travel Narratives TORP Final.pdf
Waraniak, Jeffrey 2013 I Retreat Outside Myself: Introspection, Extrospection, and the Present Moment in American Nature Writing WARANIAK I Retreat Outside Myself.pdf
Xu, Jennifer 2013 Hollowed Out: The Traumatized Flesh of W.G. Sebald's Prose Style XU Hollowed out.pdf
Cassidy, Ann 2012 Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Sublime Porte A CASSIDY.pdf
Oreh, Alison 2012 Marriage, the Letter and the Novel: Letter Writing as an Analogy for the Portrayal of Marriage in Emma and Sense and Sensibility A OREH.pdf
Shrodes, Addie 2012 The 'Race Riot' Within and Without 'The Grrrl One': Ethnoracial Grrrl Zines' Tactical Construction of Space A SHRODES.pdf
Zinkel, Anna 2012 Jonathan Franzen and the Future of the Novel: Embracing Change to Hold Onto Tradition A ZINKEL.pdf
Dye, Chris 2012 Observations on an Economic Mind: What Crusoe Can Reveal About Models of Consciousness C DYE.pdf
Hall, Claire 2012 Tradition Transformed: The Pastoral in Marvell's Mower Poems C HALL.pdf
Boudreau, Emily 2012 Empty Images and Holy Relics Photographic Complications in As I Lay Dying and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men E BOUDREAU.pdf
Ventola, Emily 2012 "What is your pretense in this house, to keep me a prisoner here?": The Role of Captor in 18th Century British Captivity Novels E VENTOLA.pdf
Shapiro, Felix 2012 Race, Gender and the French Caribbean Allegory: Aime Cesaire's A Tempest and Maryse Conde's I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem F SHAPIRO.pdf
Poole, Heather 2012 Social Isolation and Communal Paranoia in Surveillance Narrative Films Surveillance as an operative network in Hitchcock's Rear Window, Coppola's The Conversation, and Haneke's Cache H POOLE.pdf
Keenan, Josephine 2012 Connecting with </Text> How the Electronic Platform Shifts the Interactions of Authors, Readers, and Texts J KEENAN.pdf
Pressley, Jessi 2012 Fears of Our Fathers: Ideology in America's Founding Period J PRESSLEY.pdf
Schroeder, Jordan 2012 Looking for that Feeling: Narrative Omissions in Jesus' Son J SCHROEDER.pdf
Asma, Kerith 2012 Why Literature is Useless: A Defense of Literature's Value K ASMA.pdf
Kosinski, Katherine 2012 Small Presses in the 21st Century Exploring Independent Publishing Houses and the Communities They Build K KOSINSKI.pdf
Demery, Mary 2012 The Language of Illness: Vision, Perception, and Isolation in Virginia Woolf's Ill Characters M DEMERY.pdf
Fried, Melanie 2012 The Paradox of the Short-Story Composite: An Exploration of Reading Temporality in Olive Kitteridge and A Visit From the Goon Squad M FRIED.pdf
Gansler, Melissa 2012 Believing the Unbelievable: Supernatural Elements in Historical Fiction M GANSLER.pdf
Perry, Meredith 2012 Exposure to Light: Virginia Woolf's Work in Illuminating Women's Complex Interiority as Conforming to and Deviating from Notions of Traditional Femininity M PERRY.pdf
Sajewski, Megan 2012 The Hidden Lives of Furniture: Rethinking the Subject/Object Dichotomy in Eighteenth-Century Novels M SAJEWSKI.pdf
Marcoux, Natalie 2012 Nadine Gordimer and the Politics of Literature in the Twentieth-Century Redefining the Responsibilities of Political Literature N MARCOUX.pdf
Seiferth, Shannon 2012 More Premium than Life: Expressing the Inexpressible in Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is Illuminated S SEIFERTH.pdf
Diaz, Katrina Anne 2011 The Reinvention of God: Stories of an Exiled People Diaz The Reinvention of God.pdf
Fiscus, Jaclyn 2011 The L Words: Lesbians and Language Investigating Linguistic Performance of Sexuality on The L Word Fiscus The L Word.pdf
Kauza, Jacqueline 2011 Defining the Divine: An Exploration of the Relationships Between Gods and Mortals in Fantasy Literature Kauza Defining the Divine.pdf
Krieg, Katelin 2011 The Work of Beauty: Aesthetic Discourse in the Victorian Novel Krieg The Work of Beauty.pdf
Kruse, Alexandra 2011 Women in Motion: Following the Flâneuse through Mrs. Dalloway and Voyage in the Dark Kruse Following the Flaneuse.pdf
Manis, Rebecka 2011 Evolution: Fact or Fiction? Character Discourse in A Fool's Errand, by Albion W. Tourgee Manis Evolution.pdf
Sanborn, Alexandria 2011 Representation, Re-presentation, and Repetition of the Past in Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans Sanborn Representation.pdf
Toh, Bao En 2011 Reclaiming Agency: The Construction of Singaporean National Identity in the Rhetoric of Lee Kuan Yew from 1965-1970 Toh Reclaiming Agency.pdf
White, Patricia Brooke 2011 Our Soldiers, Our War: The Public Imagination of Soldiers White Our Soldiers.pdf
Freedenberg, Ross Evan 2011 Anticipating Anxiety: Jean Baudrillard’s Non-Event and Radical Event in Donald Barthelme’s Short Fiction  
Kinzer, David 2011 The Nazi Comparison in American Literature  
Restivo, Julianna M. 2011 "The Most Tragic Condition": Joe Christmas and the Community in William Faulkner's Light in August  
Winnick, Laura 2011 The Tools of Femininity: Pens, Needles, and Women’s Autobiography in the Long Eighteenth Century  
Zager, Christina R. 2011 The Paradox of Art without Artifice: A New Look at the Realism of William Dean Howells  
Name Year Title Document
Bagdol, Alese 2010 Why He's Like a Painter: An Exploration of Frank O'Hara's Search for Alternatives to the Neo-Symbolist Mode of Poetry Bagdol A 2010.pdf
Blood, Maria 2010 Subversion of the Courtship Narrative: Henry James's Portrait of a Lady's Suitors Blood M 2010.pdf
Bommarito, Sarah 2010 Marriage, Motherhood, and Reception in the Fiction of Chopin and Wharton Bommarito S.pdf
Buijk, Cherri 2010 Slumdog Millionaire: Politics of Representation and Global Culture Buijk C 2010.pdf
Doyle, Trista 2010 "That Thereby Beauty's Rose Might Never Die:" Preservation and Mortality in Shakespeare's Sonnets Doyle T 2010.pdf
Estes, Ryan 2010 "War is god" versus "You Ain't Nothin": Deified Violence and Responses to It in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, No Country for Old Men, and The Road Estes R 2010.pdf
Greenberg, Jared 2010 The Spectacle of Failure: Interrogating the Satiric Conception of Reality in the Late Works of Gustave Flaubert  
Messerschmidt, Matthew 2010 The Productive Conflict of Art and Philosophy in the Thus Spoke Zarathustra and The Prelude Messerschmidt M 2010.pdf
Paauwe, Anna 2010 Unto Others: An Exploration of Christianity as an Accomplice and Adversary to the aims of Empire in Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible Paauwe A 2010.pdf
Popa, Cristina 2010 Like all Emigrants caught between Here and There': Multivoiced Narrative and Reinvention of Memory in Carmelo and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Popa C.pdf
Ross, Robert 2010 Melville's Cetological Theodicy: Justifying the Ways of Whale to Man Ross R 2010.pdf
Royall-Kahin, Angeline 2010 "Reading for the 'Real' Africa": African Literature, American Readers, Oprah, and Exotification Royall-Kahin a 2010.pdf
Song, Cathy 2010 "I have not but I am and as I am, I am" Home and Homelessnes in the poems of Wallace Stevens Song C.pdf
Thorsby, Richard 2010 Idealized Masculilnity: Father-Son Relationships, Male Initiation, and Solitude in Hemingway's Short Fiction Thorsby R 2010.pdf
Zhou, Shiwei 2010 Mr. Bankes's Telephone & Lily Briscoe's X-ray Vision: Technological Devices as Literary Devices in Virgina Woolf Zhou S.pdf
Huang, Jennifer 2010 In Dialogue with the Infinite: A Defense of Samuel Beckett's Dysfunctional Philosophy of Mathematics  
Campbell, Laura 2009 Feminist Fairy Tale Retellings: A Genre of Subversion 2Campbell Laura Feminist Fairy Tale Retellings A Genre of Subversion.pdf
Aja, Jessica 2009 The Good of the Beautiful Aja Jessica The Good of the beautiful.pdf
Braun, Daniel 2009 Talking Coleridge: Three Conversation Poems Braun Daniel Talking Coleridge.pdf
Cappo, Emily 2009 Repression and Displacement in Kazuo Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans and Never Let Me Go Cappo Emily Repression and Displacement in Kazuo Ishiguros When We Were Orphans and.pdf
Chou, Kimberly 2009 "This place being South Africa": Reading race, sex, and power in J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace Chou Kimberly “This place being South Africa†.pdf
Ensor, Hannah 2009 Recklessly Intimate andVery Far Away: Daguerrean method in The House of the Seven Gables Ensor Hannah Recklessly Intimate and Very Far Away Daguerrean Method in The House of the Seven Gables.pdf
Friedman, Starr 2009 Language as a Familiar Alien in Science Fiction or, as Riddley Walker Would Ask, Wie Wood Eye Both Err Two Reed This? Friedman Starr Language as a Familiar Alien in Science Fiction.pdf
Katz, Dara 2009 J.D. Salinger's Glass Stories: The Genius and 1950's America Katz Dara J.D. Salingers Glass Stories.pdf
Klein, Joseph 2009 Keat's Urn and the Arrested Image in Faulkner Klein Joseph Keats Urn and the Arrested Image of Faulkner.pdf
Knapp, Emily 2009 Metafiction in Northanger Abbey: How Austen Legitimizes the Novel Knapp Emily Metafiction in Northanger Abbey.pdf
Krantz, Landon 2009 The Story of Illness: A study of the narrative writing of the ill Krantz Landon The Story of Illness.pdf
May, Lynne 2009 A Study of the Relationship between the Text and Its Reader: The Imitation of Christ in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe May Lynne A Study of the Relationship between the Text and Its Reader.pdf
Munro, Joshua 2009 Reconfiguring Wuornos: An analysis of the public and literary representation of Aileen Wuornos Munro Joshua Reconfiguring Wuornos.pdf
Shubert, Catherine 2009 Modern Metamorphoses: Issues of (Im)personality and Tradition in the Poetry of Pound, Eliot, and H.D. Shubert Catherine Modern Metamorphoses Issues of Impersonality and tradition in the poetry of Pound Eliot and HD.pdf
Smith, Sarah 2009 The Complex Web of Gender, Genre, and Agency in George Eliot's Middlemarch  
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2000 - 2005
Name Year Title Document
Carbine, Melanie 2005 BORDER BRUJO & THE MULTiCuLT URAL ¡Entrepernemos! Crossing the Body and the Border: Guillermo Gómez-Peña and the Performance of Border Identity in Border Brujo Carbine Melanie-BORDER BRUJO & THE MULTiCuLT URAL.pdf
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Davis, Laura 2005 An Ambitiously Perfect Essay, or A Perfectly Ambitious Essay  
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Peterson, Kraig 2005 Milton's Frankenstein No More Peterson Kraig-Milton's Frankenstein No More.pdf
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Schmerberg, Luke 2005 "Who do you think I am?" The Opportunities of Self-Representation in the Work of Three American Journalists Schmerberg Luke-Who do you think I am The Opportunities of Self-Representation in the Work of Three American Journalists.pdf
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McBryde, Brynne 2005 Resisting Narrative: Social Illegibility and Gendered Interaction in Nineteenth-Century Paris and London  
Nyeholt, Hayley 2005 The Human in Nature: Negotiating the Human Relationship with the Natural World in the Poetry of Galway Kinnell  
Smith, Lauren 2005 Exploring Time's Collapse in a Nabokovian Hall of Mirrors  
Smith, Linda 2005 Identifying the Obsession that Identifies  
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Winter, Margaret 2005 Henry James's : "Community of Vision": Aesthetics, Impression, Imagination, and Audience in The Wings of the Dove  
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Carney, Benjamin 2004 "Ac Hernkenth, Lordings That Beth Trewe": The Paradox of Sir Orfeo's Chivalry Carney Benjamin-Ac Herkneth Lordinges That Beth Trewe The Paradox of Sir Orfeo's Chilvalry.pdf
Christman, Corinna 2004 The Illuminating Title in O"Connor's Relationships Christman Corinna-The Illuminating Title in O'Connor's Relationships.pdf
Feddes, Jane 2004 "Come Read Me My Riddle": The Child Reader's Interpretive Authority in Charles Kinsley's The Water Babies Feddes Jane-Come Read Me My Riddle The Child Reader's Interpretive Authority in Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies.pdf
Grieser, Jessica 2004 "Blind and Deaf People Know You're Gay": Performing Gender and Sexuality on Will & Grace Grieser Jessica-Blind and Deaf People Know You're Gay Performing Gender and Sexuality on Will and Grace.pdf
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Theodore MeDermott 2004 The Dramatic irony of Change: Flann O'Brien's The Third Policement and Denial of Progress through Narrative McDermott Ted-The Dramatic Irony of Change Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman and the Denial of Progress Through Narrative.pdf
Payne, Philip 2004 "Our Perpetual Illusion": Virginia Woolf's Interrogation into the Notion of Singular Identity Payne Philip-Our Perpetual Illusion Virginia Woolf's Interrogation into the Notion of Singular Identity.pdf
Roth, Noah 2004 Milton's Left and Right Hands: Politics and Paradise Lost Roth Frankiln-Milton's Left and Right Hands Politics and Paradise Lost.pdf
Young, Courtney 2004 Getting the Hell Out: Redefining the Satanic in the Satanic Verses Young Courtnry-Getting the Hell Out Redefining the Satanic in the Satanic Verses.pdf
Young, Theresa 2004 Nosce te Ipsum: Identity in Invisible Man and White Teeth Young Theresa-Nosce te Ipsum Identity in teh Invisible Man and White Teeth.pdf
Hanson, Kristin 2004 "Strange Sad Happy Songs": Music, Form and Emotion in the Works of James Joyce  
Landau, Jeffrey 2004 WH Auden and the Libretto's Progress  
Sanders, Melanie 2004 Into the Woods: A Study of Alternative Worlds and Authority in Fantastic Children's Literature  
Ryan Vu 2004 Everything is Real, Nothing is Permitted: An Intercourse with Grant Morrison's The Invisibles  
Wu, Joyce 2004 Blond Ambition: The Complexities of WASP Envy in Philip Roth's Novels  
Albee, Matthew 2003 The Pleasure of Derrida's Poetry Albee Matthew-The Pleasure of Derridas Poetry.pdf
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East, Andrea 2003 Deciphering Clinton: An Analysis of Bill Clinton's State of the Union Messages, 1994-2000 East Andrea-Deciphering Clinton An Analysis of Bill Clintons State of the Union Messages 1994-2000.pdf
Sarah Ensor 2003 Forms of Sapphic Silence Ensor Sarah-Forms of Sapphic Silence.pdf
Gowell, Jamie 2003 The Fourth Dimension: Margaret Atwood's Fantastic Reality Gowell Jamie-The Fourth Dimension Margaret Atwood's Fantastic Reality.pdf
Heller, Gretchen M. 2003 Reconciling the Self-Divided: Unmasking Behavioral Inconsistencies in Victorian English Culture through the writing of Charlotte Bronte Heller Gretchen-Reconciling the Self-Divided Unmasking Behavioral Inconsistencies in Victorian English Culture through the writing of Charlotte Bronte.pdf
Johnson, Christopher 2003 The Ineffectual Antagonism of Wit: A Study of Hamlet, The Lion in Winter, and Catch-22 Johnson Christopher-The Ineffectual Antagonism of Wit A Study of Hamlet The Lion in Winter and Catch-22.pdf
Kim, Julie 2003 C.S.Lewis: Christian Scholar, Heretical Don  
Lee, Jee Won 2003 Anxiety and Anticipation: Multiplicity and the Unknown in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson Lee Jee Won-Anxiety and Anticipation Multiplicity and the Unknown in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson.pdf
Sara A. Murphy 2003 I Speak For You: Issues of Identification and Persuasion in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man Murphy Sarah-I Speak For You Issues of Identification and Persuasion in Ralph Ellisons Invisible Man.pdf
Neuman, Adi J. 2003 Philip Roth and the Jewish Establishment Neuman Adi-Philip Roth and the Jewish Establishment.pdf
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Schietinger, John 2003 Anamorphic Plays: The Complex Place of Women in the patriarchal Structures of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It Schietinger John-Anamophic Plays The Complex Place of Women in the Patriarchal Structures od Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It.pdf
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Smith, Margaret K. 2003 "Love of Counrty is of No Sex" Gender and the Imagined Nation in Sydney Owenson's The Wild Irish Girl and The O'Briens and the Flahertys Smith Margaret-Love of Country is of No Sex Gender and the Imagined Nation in Sydney Owensons The Wild Irish Girl and The O'Briens and the OFlahertys.pdf
Toporek, Scott D. 2003 "What passions call you these?": The Language of Same-Sex Desire and Homosexual Subjectivity in Marlowe's Edward II Toporek Scott-What passions call you these The Language of Same-Sex Desire and Homosexual Subjectivity in Marlowe's Edward II.pdf
Vermaaten, Sally 2003 Virtu on the Stage: Tracing the Presence and Representation of Machiavelli In Early Modern Comedy Vermaaten Sally-Virtu on the Stage Tracing the Presence and Representation of Machiavelli In Early Modern Comedy.pdf
Sarah Weiger 2003 Guilt and the Sublime in Wordsworth's Spots of Time Weiger Sarah-Guilt and the Sublime in Wordsworths Spots of Time.pdf
Sarah Worden 2003 Conversation Sex and Desire in Jane Austen's World Worden Sarah-Conversation Sex and Desire in Jane Austen's World.pdf
Zigas, Caleb 2003 A Prescription For Travel Zigas Caleb-A Prescription For Travel.pdf
McTaggert, Ursula 2002 Reading and Writing Isabel Archer: The Rhetoric of Purity in Henry James The Portrait of a Lady 2McTaggart Ursula-Reading and Writing Isabel Archer The Rhetoric of Purity in henry James's The Portrait of a Lady.pdf
Borushko, Matthew 2002 Zuckerman's Complaint: Philip Roth's Use of the Narrator in American Pastoral, I Married a Communist, andThe Human Stain Borushko Matthew-Zuckerman's Complaint Philip Roth's Use of the Narrator in American Pastoral, I Married a Communist, and The Human Stain.pdf
Coen, Jessica 2002 The Mother, the Daughter, and the Unholy Ghost: The Construction of Voice and Reality in the Prose of Sylvia Plath  
Cooper, Edith 2002 Of Gods and Ghosts: Continuity and Community in Toni Morrison's Fiction Cooper Edie-Of Gods and Ghosts Continuity and Community in Toni Morrison's Fiction.pdf
Stephen Dekovich 2002 The Form Meaning Integration and Evolution in Robert Hayden's Dekovich Stephen-To Form Meaning Integration and Evolution in Robert Hayden's Middle Passage.pdf
Dusenberry, Keith 2002 Bandini Lives! Obsession and Delusion in Fante's Saga, Critical or Otherwise Dusenberry Keith-Bandini Lives Obsession and Delusion in Fante's Saga, Critical or Otherwise.pdf
Eder, Andrew 2002 The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost: Seamus Heaney and Northern Irish Politics Eder Andrew-The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost Seamus Heaney and Northern Irish Politics.pdf
Forster, Nathan 2002 Changing Forms of Event and Meaning: The Intelligibility of Events Within the Worlds of Ovid's Metamorphoses and Kafka's The Metamorphosis Forster Nathan-Changing Forms of Event Meaning The Intelligibility of Events Within the Worlds of Ovid's Metamorphoses and Kafka's The Metamorphosis.pdf
Gould, Jens 2002 Precarious Escape: The Psychology of the Soldier in Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms and TIm O'Brien's The Things They Carried Gould Jens-Precarious Escape The Psychology of the Soldier in Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms and Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried.pdf
Haas, Kelcie 2002 Anne Carson and the Erotics of Translation Haas Kelcie-Anne Carson and The Erotics of Translation.pdf
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Karp, Rebecca 2002 The Big Bad Wolf Karp Rebecca-The Big Bad Wolf.pdf
Kennedy, Molly 2002 The Author's Authority: The Problems of Writing for Others in J.M. Coetzee's Foe Kennedy Molly-The Authors AuthorityThe Problems of Writing for Others in J.M. Coetzee's Foe.pdf
Lang, Elon 2002 Languages as an Apparatus for Influencing Social Consciuosness in Dystopian FIction Lang Elon-Language as an Apparatus for Influencing Social Consciousness in Dystopian Fiction.pdf
Nichols, Susannah Nichols 2002 Seizing Language to Build Community : Empowering Adolescents Through Performance Poetry Nichols Susannah-Seizing Language to Build community Empowering Adolescents Through Performance Poetry.pdf
Rozny, Noel 2002 Hunter Thompson is Decadent and Depraved: Metonymic Self-Performance in Hell's Angels and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Rozny Noel-Hunter Thompson is decadent and Depraved Metonymic Self-Performance in Hell's Angels andFear and Loathing in Las Vegas.pdf
Sarah L. Townsend 2002 Walking the "Thorny Way": Pressures and Predicaments of Womanhood in Sean O'Casey's Three Dublin Plays Townsend Sarah-Walking the Thorny Way Pressures and Predicaments of Womanhood in Sean OCaseys Three Dublin Plays.pdf
Vincent, Margaret 2002 The World Only Spins Forward: Understanding the Foreign Experience of AIDS in Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz and Tony Kushner's Angels in America Vincent Margaret-The Wolrd Only Spins Forward Understadning the Foreign Experience of AIDS in Paula Vogel's The Baltimore Waltz and Tony Kushner's Angels in America.pdf
Wright, Rebecca S. 2002 Creating Space, Creating Meaning: An Exploration of the Use of Quotation in Eugene O'Neill's Wright Rebecca-Creating Space Creating Meaning An Exploration of the Use of Quotation in 2Eugene ONeills Long Days Journey into Night.pdf
Carmody, Todd 2001 Mauberley as Memorial: Ezra Pound and the Aftermath of the First World War Carmody Todd-Mauberley as Memorial Ezra Pound and the Aftermath of the First Wolrd War.pdf
Carson, Sarah M. 2001 Of Fairy Tales, Fistfights, and Female Identity: The Fiction of Carson McCullers and Isak Dinesen  
Chambers, Alexander 2001 The Crowd and the Individual: David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest and Don DeLillo's Mao II on the Place of the Novel in the Age of Television Chambers Alexander-The Crowd adn the Individual David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest and Don DeLillo's Mao II on the Place of the Novel in the Age of Television.pdf
Davidson, Michael 2001 Discourse and Punish: An Analysis of the Ideological Power of the Catholic Church in The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Davidson Michael-Discourse and Punish an Analysis of the Ideological Power of the catholic Church A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.pdf
Dodge, Bryn K. 2001 Choose Your Own Adventure?: Readers and Their Role(s) in Epistolary Fiction Dodge Bryn-Choose Your Own Adventure Readers and Their Role(s) in Epistolary Fiction.pdf
Foran, Patrick 2001 And in the Following Darkness...: The New Physics and a Reconstructed Synthesis of Time and Space in James Joyce's Ulysses Foran Patrick-And in teh Following Darkness the New Physics and the enunciation of spacetime in James Joyce's Ulysses.pdf
Freeman, Erica R. 2001 A Divided Vision: Defining the Values of e.e. cummings Freeman Erica-Defining the Values of E.E. Cummings.pdf
Frost, Lea Luecking 2001 Sad Stories of the Death of Kings: Language, Identity, and Self-Dramatization in Richard II  
Gillespie, Carolyn L. 2001 Stories to Grow Up On: Communication and Culture in Kingston and Tan Gillespie Carolyn-Stories To Grow Up On Communication and Culture in Kingston and Tan.pdf
Hurrle, Jennifer 2001 He Can Tell War Stories: Tim O'Brien and the Grunt's Conquest of Time Hurrle Jennifer-He Can Tell War Stories Tim O'Brien and the Grunt's Conquest of Time.pdf
Hyland, Justine E. 2001 The Capture of the Muse in the Moxon Tennyson Hyland Justine-The Capture of the Muse in the Moxon Tennyson.pdf
Jablonski, Elizabeth 2001 For Whom the Battle Was Fought: An Exploration of Ernest Hemingway's Involvement in the Spanish Civil War and the Novel that Emerged Jablonski Elizabeth-For Whom the Battle was Fought An Exploration of Ernest Hemingway's Involvement in Spanish Civil War and the Novel that Emerged.pdf
Jacques, Danielle M. 2001 The Cycle of Oppression: Racism and Gender Hierarchies Jonah's Gourd Vine and Simple Speaks His Mind Jacques Danielle-The Cycle of Oppression Racism and Gender Hierarchies Jonah's Gourd Vine and Simple Speaks His Mind.pdf
Knecht, Kristen 2001 Marginalization and Misogyny: French Feminist Re-vision of Chaucer's Wife of Bath Knecht Kristen-Marginalization and Misogyny French Feminist Re-vision of Chaucer's Wife of Bath.pdf
Knoll, Gillian 2001 Fleshing Out the Stage: Gender and Performativity in Angela Carter's Fiction Kroll Gillian-Fleshing Out the Stage Gender and Performativity in Angela Carter's Fiction.pdf
Murphy, Casey M. 2001 I wooed thee with my sword: Balancing the Beauty and Cruelty of A Midsummer Night's Dream Murphy Casey-I wooed thee with my sword Balancing the Beauty and Cruelty of A Midsummer Night's Dream.pdf
Nadler, Therese 2001 Jack and Sal: Voyagers of the Between Nadler Therese-Jack and Sal Voyagers of the Between.pdf
Naimou, Angela M. 2001 Siren Notes: Towards Redefining the Power, Freedom, and Reading of Hypertext  
Primeau, Sarah 2001 Writing the "Pure Truth": Virginia Woolf's Use of Fact and Fiction Primeau sarah-Writing the Pure Truth Virginia Woolf's Use of Fact and Fiction.pdf
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