The Eisenberg Institute's fall 2020 programs will center on a new theme, "Chaos and Clamor," an exploration of the disorganization that propels history and our approach towards it.

Programs will begin on Friday, September 11 (rescheduled to October 20), with symposium exploring the new theme. Professor John Carson (University of Michigan) will deliver the first lecture on Tuesday, September 15 (rescheduled to October 23). 

All events will take place remotely via Zoom. When possible, recordings will be available after the event. Follow links below for additional details and registration information. 


Fall 2020 Events

Fall 2020 Theme: Chaos and Clamor  

Chaos and clamor resist our analytical grasp. They invoke a liminality that can be disruptive of, and also a provocation to, stability and order. Yet their outcomes are seldom predictable. It is precisely as threshold moments that they acquire their historical charge. Chaos and clamor, a public outcry or protestation, brings into focus the challenge of historical change: the often unexpected manner in which seemingly stable political and social orders can be suddenly made, unmade, and re-made. This theme invites us to offer new inflections on long-standing debates about the nature of history itself, the relative weight of individual and collective actions, of discrete events and moments, and of longer-term historical trends. This semester we explore the disorganization that propels history and our approach towards it.