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Faculty Accepting Students

Research interests
Faculty with primary EEB appointments (can be sole advisor)
Allgeier, Jake Ecosystem ecology, food web ecology, coral reef ecology, global change ecology and sustainability
Badgley, Catherine
Paleoecology, biogeography, agriculture
Baucom, Gina

Plant evolution and ecological genomics, agriculture
Davis Rabosky, Alison
Behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology of reptiles and amphibians; evolution of sociality, mimicry systems
Denef, Vincent
Freshwater microbial evolutionary ecology,
community and population genomics
Denver, Robert
Evolutionary developmental biology and physiology
Dick, Christopher Tropical ecology and evolution, population genetics, biogeography and forest history
Duda, Thomas

Evolutionary biology of molluscs
Duhaime, Melissa Marine virus community genomics and model system studies; interaction of microbes and plastics in the ocean
Harris, Nyeema Conservation biology, wildlife ecology, biogeography, community ecology, population ecology, host-parasite interactions, global change biology

James, Timothy


Evolution of fungi, mating systems, phylogenetics
King, Aaron Theoretical ecology, epidemiology, population dynamics
Kling, George
Ecosystem ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry
Knowles, L. Lacey
Speciation, phylogeography, evolutionary radiations

Kondrashov, Alex


Evolutionary processes
López-Fernández, Hernán   Start date: 1/2/18. Tropical freshwater fishes, systematics, macroevolution, evolutionary ecology, conservation
Ostling, Annette

Community ecology and theoretical ecology
Qiu, Yin-Long
Plant evolution
Rabosky, Daniel Macroevolution, biogeography, systematics of lizards & snakes, comparative methods, community ecology
Schmidt, Tom Patterns of diversity, metabolic tradeoffs and interactions in the microbial world
Smith, Stephen Phylogenetics, computational evolutionary biology, biogeography, phyloinformatics
Valdovinos, Fernanda Ecological networks, pollination ecology, food-web ecology, fisheries, eco-evolutionary dynamics, theoretical ecology

Vandermeer, John


Theoretical ecology, agroecology, tropical ecology
Winger, Ben Biogeography, speciation, genomics, ornithology, seasonal migration, dispersal wingerb@umich.ed

Zhang, Jianzhi


Molecular and genomic evolution
Faculty with secondary EEB appointments (can be co-advisor)