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May 2017

  • Alumni spotlight on Ong and Yitbarek
  • Research feature: Topographically complex areas hold much of Earth's biodiversity
  • Goldberg awarded prestigious Thurnau Professorship
  • EEB grads rock: Crocker wins UROP Outstanding Research Mentor recognition
  • LSA and the March for Science: EEB Prof Duffy speaks in D.C.
  • Early Career Scientists Symposium: "a real gem"
  • Science fun fact: MIGHTY MITES AND MORE

February 2017

  • U-M EEB volunteers fire up GIRL STEM POWER!
  • Research feature: Camera trap project captures Michigan wildlife selfies (watch video)
  • Alumni spotlight on Amanda Izzo
  • Duffy awarded prestigious early career awards from AAAS and ASLO
  • Early Career Scientists Symposium 2017
  • Moments in time captured: EEB Photographer at Large Contest 2016
  • Science fun fact: Ocean weather report: blizzard -- every day!
  • Happy 200th birthday to the University of Michigan!

August 2016

  • EEB grads bring home "I'm a Scientist" USA Gold for two years running
  • Research feature: Deadly snakes or just pretending? The evolution of mimicry
  • Alumni spotlight on Callie Chappell
  • New book by Hunter hot off the press: The Phytochemical Landscape
  • Kurdziel wins LSA award for outstanding undergrad education

May 2016

  • From NPR Science: our 'Golden Mole' winner, Tibbetts, used to paint wasps for a living
  • Alumni spotlight on Martinez-Bakker: volunteering to teach tech skills in prison
  • Students analyze their own biological samples to study microbes' effect
  • Research feature: solving the mystery of birds singing different songs: a discovery in India leads to a museum at U-M
  • What's up in EEB

Natural Selections, printed newsletters

Fall 2017

  • Research Museums Center
  • Alumni Profile with Senay Yitbarek and Theresa Ong
  • Chair's note
  • Thurnau Professors, Deborah Goldberg, Patricia Wittkopp and John Vandermeer
  • New faculty feature: Protecting livelihoods and food sources for Caribbean islanders, Jacob Allgeier
  • New faculty feature: Evolution of avian migration, Ben Winger
  • Photo Contest highlights 2016

Fall 2016

  • An early scientific power couple revisited: Herb and Florence Wagner
  • Alumni Profile with Callie Chappell
  • Chair's note
  • Untangling vital ocean processes that affect our planet. Faculty feature Melissa Duhaime
  • Do you love your job enough to clomp through cow patties? Faculty feature Alison Rabosky.
  • Soil science may hold underground secrets to help battle climate change. Grad profile Nicholas Medina
  • Photo contest winners

Fall 2015

  • Nature Boom Time! Coming soon to a screen near you
  • True blue. A perennial teacher and student of life
  • Chair's note
  • Infectious enthusiasm:Wildlife ecologist brings multi-faceted research program to EEB
  • Biodiversity research on Mexican organic coffee farm makes headlines
  • Getting to know you: unique scientific illustration class explores UMMZ collections
  • ‘Tree of life’ for 2.3M species released
  • EEB photo contest winners

Fall 2014

  • Curious child becomes renowned ecologist 
  • Why did the turtle cross the road?
  • Chair’s note
  • Answers to Earth’s crises may be found in surprising places
  • New chair Ó Foighil takes helm of EEB
  • EEB photo contest winners